Las Vegas cyber attack paralyzes hotel chain in digital era.

Las Vegas Cyber Attack Cripples Massive Hotel Chain

Las Vegas was ‌rocked by a massive cyber attack that crippled over a ⁣dozen MGM resorts and casinos.

The issue appears to ‌have begun on Sunday, according to The Associated Press, but as of this⁣ writing, the MGM resort website is still down due to the attack.

MGM‍ took to X, formerly Twitter, on​ Monday to share a pair ‌of statements about the cyber attack that was affecting its hotels and​ casinos.

“MGM Resorts recently identified a cybersecurity issue affecting some⁢ of the Company’s systems. Promptly after detecting ⁣the issue, we quickly began an investigation with⁢ assistance from leading external cybersecurity experts,” the statement read. “We also notified law enforcement and took⁤ prompt‍ action⁤ to protect our systems and data, including ⁣shutting down certain systems.

“Our investigation‌ is ongoing, and we are working diligently to determine⁢ the nature and ​scope of the matter.”

Of note, it’s not just the Las Vegas MGM properties experiencing this issue. Per the AP, properties in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and Ohio have also been affected.

Do‌ you think it’s dangerous to have everything connected digitally?

Do you think it’s dangerous to have everything‌ connected digitally?

According to USA Today, the⁢ cyber attack appears to be a form of ransomware (a⁤ type of hack where hackers can effectively hold ⁣sensitive information “hostage” until the‌ company pays up).

Curiously, MGM posted a follow-up‌ statement ‌on Monday that appears to be in direct contradiction ‍with eyewitness claims.

First, the MGM statement:

“As an update to our previous statement, our resorts, including dining, entertainment and gaming are currently operational, and continue to deliver the experiences for which MGM is‌ known,” the follow-up ‌statement read.‌ “Our guests remain able to access their hotel rooms and our Front ⁤Desk staff is ready to⁢ assist⁣ our guests as needed.

“We appreciate your patience.”

Despite that assurance, videos and comments across social media paint a decidedly different picture.

One ⁢user claimed that ATM’s and‍ cashiers were down. That ⁢X ⁤post​ included an image which shows various slot machines showing a reboot screen.

According ‍to‌ TechCrunch, other customers have claimed that restaurants ⁤are only accepting cash and that they’re unable to charge anything to their rooms.

Some are even claiming that they ‌can’t get into their own hotel rooms with their key cards.

According⁤ to the AP, the FBI “is aware” of the attack, and ⁣an investigation ​is ongoing.

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