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‘ The Chosen’ reacts strongly to LGBT gear seen on set of popular Christian show.

The Chosen Defends Presence of LGBT Flag on Set

The official Twitter account for the series “The Chosen” has defended the presence of an LGBT “pride” flag on the set of the show during a recent YouTube promo for its upcoming season. The show, which follows the life of Jesus, has attracted a huge following since its debut in 2017 and has succeeded without the backing of any major studio and with the help of everyday Christians.

Former sports reporter and current Turning Point USA contributor Jon Root was among those who demanded an answer for why the flag was there. Tuesday morning, he received a response directly from the show’s account.

Root is calling on Christians to walk away from the show. The LGBT “pride” flag and everything it stands for runs counter to the teachings of the Bible. That flag is not a signal for unity or a celebration of people who are loving, kind, or tolerant — as Jesus was. The so-called “pride” flag represents a degenerate and unrepentant political movement that is working overtime with Big Tech, Hollywood and Big Business to corrupt the country’s vulnerable, lost, and innocent.

The flag’s presence on an independent show about the daily life of Christ is truly confounding and should lead viewers to ask themselves if “The Chosen” is worth supporting any further. There are plenty of people in the country who are more than capable of working on the production of a show about Jesus who would probably take up such an opportunity without pay and out of a sense of duty.

Proverbs 11:2

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

“The Chosen” did not hire those people and instead opted to staff season four with at least one person who found it appropriate to display an anti-Christian hate symbol on the set. The worst part is it didn’t appear to bother anyone until fans noticed.

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