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September reportedly had the highest number of border encounters ever, with over 260,000. Thanks, Joe.

New Record: Over a Quarter of a ‍Million Border Encounters in a Single Month

The U.S. Border Patrol has just experienced its highest ‌number of border encounters ever recorded in a⁤ single month, surpassing a‌ staggering figure of​ over a quarter of ⁣a million. With President Joe Biden‌ at ⁤the helm and the‍ Democratic Party ⁤actively encouraging illegal immigration, it’s no surprise that these numbers have skyrocketed.

According to Fox News reporters Bill Melugin and Griff Jenkins, initial data for September reveals that there were over 260,000 migrant encounters ⁤at the border,‍ making it the highest single‌ month ever​ recorded. ⁢This surpasses the previous record set in December of 252,320.

The data ⁤comes at a time when the White House continues to assert that the southern border is secure and that the Biden administration’s​ policies are effective. White House Press⁢ Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently stated, “The president has worked very hard to‌ implement a strategy, when it comes to ⁣the ​border, that is humane, safe, ⁤and has orderly enforcement.”

However, as previously discussed, “orderly” does not mean turning away illegal aliens at the border. Instead, it means allowing them easy​ entry into the country. In other words, the Left’s definition of “order” entails processing illegal ⁤aliens and then releasing them into the country‍ through new​ “legal” measures.

The Biden administration has ⁣devised⁤ various ways to expedite the process for individuals⁣ to apply for asylum, while also accelerating the entry of illegal aliens into the country. They have taken steps to entice illegal immigrants, such as relaxing deportations, providing free flights and phones,⁤ and moving towards⁢ granting hundreds of thousands⁢ of⁤ individuals⁣ the ability to legally work in the U.S.


The message is clear to illegal aliens worldwide: If you can‍ cross the border, life in the U.S. is good, and it will remain that way as long ⁣as Biden and his administration are in charge. Seize the opportunity while you can.

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What are some of the key immigration policies ​implemented⁣ by the‌ Biden administration that have ​contributed ​to the⁣ surge‌ in border encounters?

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The surge in border encounters is⁤ alarming and should serve as a wake-up call to the Biden administration. Since taking office in January, President Biden has implemented ‍policies that have undoubtedly contributed to ⁤the current crisis. The most notable of these is the rollback of several⁢ key immigration policies put in ⁤place⁢ by the previous administration, including the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) and the asylum cooperative agreements with Northern Triangle countries.

It is evident that these policy changes ‍have sent a clear message to potential ‌migrants that the United States is open for illegal entry. ‌The consequences of⁢ such messaging‌ are evident in the ‌overwhelming number of individuals attempting to cross ⁢the border. This not only poses a national security threat but also puts a ⁣strain on law enforcement resources‌ and creates challenges for border communities and facilities overwhelmed with the sudden influx ‍of migrants.

The border crisis transcends political affiliations. It is a humanitarian‍ issue that affects​ the lives of countless ⁢individuals who are‌ seeking a better⁤ future‍ for themselves and their families. However, addressing⁢ this‌ crisis requires firm and ⁣effective immigration policies, as well ⁣as cooperation with neighboring countries to tackle the root causes of migration.

The Biden administration needs to acknowledge the seriousness ⁢of the situation and take immediate ⁢action to mitigate the border crisis. This includes reinstating policies that have proven effective in deterring illegal immigration, such⁢ as the MPP ⁤and asylum cooperative agreements. Additionally, the administration should provide sufficient resources and support to ⁤Border Patrol agents ‌and officers who are at⁤ the forefront of securing the⁤ border.

Furthermore, the ‌United States must work closely with countries in the Northern Triangle region, namely Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, to address economic instability, violence, and⁣ corruption – the main drivers‍ of migration from these countries. By investing in development programs ⁤and⁤ promoting good governance in these nations, the United States can create⁤ opportunities for their citizens to thrive, reducing the need to flee ⁣their homelands.

Border security ‌is not just a ⁢domestic issue; it is a global concern. The United States must ⁣advocate for international collaboration and assistance to effectively combat transnational criminal ​organizations that exploit vulnerable⁤ migrants and ⁢jeopardize the security of⁤ nations. Only‌ through coordinated efforts can we hope to mitigate the border crisis and protect ⁢the ‍rights and well-being of⁤ all involved‌ parties.

In conclusion, the new record of over a quarter of a million border encounters‍ in a single month is a stark reminder of ⁤the urgent ⁤need for ⁢comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures. The Biden administration must act⁢ swiftly and decisively to address this ‍crisis​ and regain control of the border. By reinstating effective policies ⁤and collaborating ​with ⁢key stakeholders, the ⁣United ‌States can uphold its values while ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and those seeking a better life within its borders.

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