Sherrod Brown commends prosecutor candidate for advocating police defunding and ending cash bail. Grateful for their outspokenness.

Ohio Democratic senator in 2020 argued policing ‘reinforces’ racism

Sen. Sherrod​ Brown and Matthew Ahn (Instagram/matthewahnforprosecutor)

Ohio⁤ Democratic senator Sherrod Brown in an August letter praised a ⁤left-wing prosecutor ⁤candidate in Cleveland who has​ endorsed⁤ calls to defund‍ police, end cash bail, and pull cops from schools,⁣ a Washington Free Beacon ‍review found.

Brown on ⁢August 7 wrote to⁣ Cuyahoga⁤ County prosecutor hopeful Matthew Ahn to thank the ‍candidate for “speaking out,” a photo of ⁢the letter shared by Ahn shows.‌ Ahn,‍ a left-wing ⁤law professor known ‍ for his progressive views, has long associated himself with the movement to defund police. At the height of the Black ⁣Lives Matter movement ‌in 2020, Ahn argued that “nothing‌ short of ⁤defunding” would combat ‌the “white supremacist infiltration of police⁢ forces.” Ahn ⁢also called ⁤ to “end cash bail” and “end police presence ⁤in schools,” ⁢and in 2021, the law ‍professor emphasized the need⁢ to “rethink the role of police, who continue ⁢to protect and ⁢serve a social order that never ⁤had any ⁢value⁣ to begin with.”

Brown’s willingness ⁣to ⁣associate​ with Ahn comes as the Democratic senator approaches a difficult reelection bid in a state that backed former president Donald Trump by 8 points in 2020. As Brown approaches that‌ race, he ‌has worked to ⁢rally behind police officers—in January,​ the Democrat lauded law enforcement officials for putting “their lives on ⁣the line⁢ each day, facing⁢ stressful ⁤and often dangerous situations, to protect Ohioans.” Following George Floyd’s death in‍ 2020, however, Brown sang a different tune, ⁤ arguing that⁢ police ⁣forces‍ that do not make reforms should not receive ⁣funding.

“Policing​ didn’t ⁤create our nation’s institutionalized⁤ racism. It’s ​a product of it, and it reinforces⁤ it,” Brown said.

Ahn did not‍ return a request for comment. A Brown campaign spokesman said the Democrat’s letter, which came roughly one week after Ahn launched his prosecutorial⁣ campaign, referred to an op-ed Ahn wrote on⁤ a state ‌ballot measure ⁣that ⁤did not deal with ‌policing.

But Brown continued to promote Ahn’s campaign ⁤after sending the letter—the senator appeared alongside Ahn at a ⁤Cleveland-area Labor Day parade, ‍which Ahn said included his ​”incredible⁣ campaign team and supporters.” Brown’s campaign said the senator “has no plans to endorse” in Ahn’s race and did not answer questions regarding Ahn’s‌ support for the defund police movement.

Ahn is challenging fellow Democrat and incumbent Cuyahoga County prosecutor Michael O’Malley, who has criticized Ahn as both inexperienced and extreme on criminal justice ‍issues.

“He’s never practiced in a courtroom in common ⁣pleas in Ohio. He’s the least experienced candidate to ever run for county prosecutor, maybe not just in⁤ Cuyahoga, but the entire state,” O’Malley told the‍ Cleveland-based Scene. “Does ​he think his platform of defund ⁢the police—which he’s supported on social media over the years—is appropriate given ‍the level​ of violence we’re seeing in⁤ our community?”

How might Sherrod Brown’s​ support of a ⁤candidate who ‌advocates for defunding the police‌ appeal to​ progressive voters but alienate more‌ moderate voters who prioritize law‌ and order

Ohio Democratic⁢ senator Sherrod⁢ Brown has come ‍under scrutiny for his support of a left-wing ⁤prosecutor candidate who advocates for defunding the police, ending cash bail, and removing police presence from schools. In an August letter,‌ Brown praised Cuyahoga‌ County prosecutor hopeful Matthew Ahn for “speaking out” on these ⁣issues.

Ahn, a‍ progressive‍ law professor, ​has long been associated with the movement to defund the police. During the height of the Black⁤ Lives Matter movement in 2020, Ahn argued that defunding the police was necessary to combat the “white supremacist​ infiltration”‍ within law ‍enforcement. ⁢He has also called for an end to cash bail ‍and police presence in ⁢schools, emphasizing ⁢the need to rethink the role of ⁢the police in society.

Brown’s support of Ahn raises eyebrows,‌ especially as the senator faces a challenging reelection bid in a state that supported Donald Trump ⁢in 2020. However, Brown has tried to ‍strike a balance between supporting law ‍enforcement and addressing racial disparities within ⁣the criminal justice system.‌ In January, he praised police officers for their dedication ⁣and bravery in protecting Ohioans.​ But following the death of George Floyd, Brown expressed concerns ⁣about how​ policing‌ contributes to systemic racism in America.

The issue of policing and racial justice has become a contentious one in recent years. Proponents ⁤of defunding the police argue that the ‌current system perpetuates racial inequalities and ‌that⁣ resources should be redirected towards social and community-based initiatives. Critics, on ⁤the other hand, argue that defunding the police would lead to an increase in crime and undermine public⁢ safety.

The debate over policing and racial justice is likely to play a significant role in the upcoming election. Brown’s support of Ahn, a candidate ‌who ‍advocates for defunding the police, may appeal to progressive voters ‌but could alienate ​more moderate voters who prioritize⁢ law and order. It remains to be ​seen‌ how Brown will navigate this⁤ delicate issue as he seeks reelection in a divided state.

In conclusion, the support of Ohio‍ Democratic senator Sherrod ⁤Brown for a prosecutor candidate⁤ who advocates for defunding the police highlights the ongoing debate over policing and racial justice. ⁣Brown’s stance on this issue may have implications for his⁢ reelection bid, as he​ tries to strike a balance between‌ supporting law enforcement and addressing systemic racism within​ the criminal justice ⁢system.⁢ The outcome of this ​election will have broader ​implications for the future of criminal justice reform in Ohio and the country as a ⁣whole.

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