Texas Democrats Reelect Hinojosa as Leader But Are Left With No Platform

Texas Democrats spent much of their final 2022 convention day electing a chairman but failed to adopt a party platform, prompting criticism from both sides of the political aisle.

The Democrats, who broadcasted the convention on their website, adjourned in the afternoon of June 16 when it became clear a quorum could not be reached after many people left following the vote for chairman.

Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa was up for reelection against Kim Olson, a former statewide and congressional candidate, and Carroll Robinson, chairman of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.

Democrats took to the party’s Twitter and Facebook feeds to voice their consternation with the chairmanship election and lack of a platform.

“This is what happens when people don’t commit to doing the work. They show up, vote for party officers, and leave.

“By the time resolutions committee finished, there wasn’t a quorum on the floor,” one Democratic supporter posted on Twitter.

Hinojosa’s bid for another term as chairman was met with opposition from two candidates for the leadership spot he has held since 2012.

Some Democrats expressed disappointment in the party’s statewide performance during the 2020 election and called for new leadership. Ultimately, Hinojosa received enough votes for reelection after Robinson withdrew.

Ike Hajinazarian, deputy communication director for the Democratic Party, did not immediately respond to an email from The Epoch Times requesting details on when the platform will be announced and how it will be developed.

During the party’s convention, Democrats attacked Texas Republicans on abortion, gun ownership, and election security. The convention also doubled as a fund-raiser for Democrats running in the state, including  Beto O’Rourke, who is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

After the Republican state convention in June, Hinojosa rebuked them for rejecting Joe Biden as a legitimately elected president, saying Republicans “live

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