Texas AG Ken Paxton denies all 16 impeachment charges.

AUSTIN, Texas — Ken Paxton Pleads Not Guilty to ⁤Impeachment Charges

Impeached state ⁤Attorney General Ken Paxton made a defiant plea of not guilty to all 16 articles of impeachment, despite the GOP-controlled Senate’s⁤ refusal to dismiss the⁢ charges.

The third-term⁣ Republican politician’s lawyers passionately defended Paxton as ‍Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked them to enter a plea for each of the 16 instances.

“Everything… said ⁣there was false. Therefore, Attorney General ⁢Ken Paxton pleads not guilty,”

attorney Tony Buzbee, one of the two attorneys standing by Paxton, declared in response to ⁣the charges read‌ before the Senate.

During the ‍plea process, a ‌House manager requested that Patrick prevent Paxton’s lawyers from making additional comments beyond entering a plea.

“He can enter a plea‌ of not guilty ​for⁤ his client. He can’t make speeches as he’s doing,”

a House manager argued.

Paxton is facing a total of 16 charges out⁣ of the 20 filed ​against him by the House in May. The Senate panel chose⁢ to ⁢address ‍these 16 charges.

The Senate consists of 31 members, with 19 Republicans ⁤and‍ 12 ​Democrats. To ‌convict Paxton, two-thirds of the Senate, or 21 members, must vote in favor.

It’s worth‌ noting that Paxton’s⁤ wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, is not allowed to vote during the⁣ trial, reducing the ⁣total ⁤number of voting Republicans ‌to ⁣18.


As lawmakers return to ⁤Capitol Hill,⁤ they face a ​ticking clock and a hefty to-do list.

Key Points:

  • Ken Paxton pleads not guilty to all 16⁣ articles of impeachment.
  • His lawyers passionately defend him during the plea‌ process.
  • A House ‌manager requests that Paxton’s ​lawyers ‌refrain from making speeches.
  • Paxton faces 16 charges out of the 20 filed against him.
  • Two-thirds of the Senate must⁤ vote ⁢in​ favor to‍ convict Paxton.
  • Paxton’s wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, cannot vote during the trial.

For more information, click here to ​visit The Washington Examiner.

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