DOJ Investigating Tesla

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OAN’s Abril Elfi

11:03 AM – Thursday, ⁢August 31, 2023

Multinational automotive⁤ and clean energy company​ Tesla is facing federal investigations over its mysterious “Project 42,” which was believed to involve building ⁤a ⁤glass ‌house for‌ CEO ‍Elon ⁢Musk.


Federal prosecutors disclosed on Wednesday that they are looking into Tesla’s “Project 42”⁣ to see whether funds were ​being used for Musk’s personal benefit and, if not, what the money was actually being used⁣ for.

According to reports, in July, the ‍project described plans to build a glass building near Tesla’s gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and ⁣was internally ‍rumored to be a residence ‌for the Tesla CEO.

The blueprint appeared to be for ​a “dramatic glass-walled building,” with design concepts showing ‍various forms and special features, including ⁢residential amenities such as bedrooms.

The project came under ‍examination within the ‍last year when an order for a unique​ type of glass was placed as part of the building-planning activities.

According to press reports, the internal investigation into the order had targeted Omead ‍Afshar, an executive ‍running​ Tesla’s Texas manufacturing.

The publication ⁣released on ‌Wednesday reported ‌that federal prosecutors‌ were looking for ⁤more information related to internal communications with Afshar, who was said to be involved in purchasing the construction materials.

They are also reportedly looking into Musk’s involvement in the project and the amount of time that‌ was put into‌ it.

It ⁤is not clear if “Project 42” is still‌ in the works, or⁤ if the‌ glass was ever ‍delivered.

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