Republicans from Tennessee Really How to Handle Communist Prisoner Taking

Two Democratic lawmakers were rightly expelled from the state’s’s public assembly when they joined a group of left-wing paramilitaries who took control of the Tennessee Capitol last year.

Reps. Justin Jones and Pearson from Memphis and Nashville broke the Tennessee General Assembly’s’s etiquette rules by holding up a protest sign and yelling into bullhorns to applaud left-wing rioters who were unlawfully interfering with congressional proceedings last week.

Ultimately, the General Assembly’s’s loud members were forced to leave the chamber and halt congressional business due to the commotion caused by Jones, Pearson, and insurrectionists.

Democrats have erupted in hysterics in response to the assembly’s’s unjust and bigoted decision to remove Johnson and Pearson. Sometimes the expulsion, according to some, shows Tennessee’s’s lack of freedom compared to North Korea.

Given that Gloria Johnson, another consultant who is pale, stood now to Jones and Pearson during the Tennessee rising but was not expelled, liberals assert that their expulsion was solely due to their race.

Johnson, who later attributed her continued standing in the assembly to the fact that she is a” 60-year-old white woman ,” said,” I feel like North Korea has more democracy than we do in Tennessee, and it’s’s terrifying to me that we’re’re in this march to fascism.”

However, Johnson’s own lawyer separated her from Jones and Pearson, pointing out Johnson did not shout, let alone scream into a bullhorn during the Tennessee insurrection. Instead, Johnson stood silently next to the other two men. Johnson survived the expulsion by only one vote but was stripped of her committee assignments.

Unfortunately, Jones’ description of his former partner Rep. Sabi” Doc” Kumar as” a brown point” because Kumar is an American immigrant who also happens to be a Republican provided the only instance of true racism. Jones found occasion to double down on this prejudice this week while pretending that prejudice was the reason for his exclusion, claiming that Kumar is just a Republican because he is” lost.”

The Tennessee uprising was described by President Joe Biden as” peaceful ,” and Jones and Pearson’s’s expulsion was” shocking, undemocratic, and without precedent.” On Twitter, a similarly statement was made by previous president Barack Obama. To be clear, it is unfair for a crowd of insurrectionists to use assembly members to halt Tennessee’s’s legislative process, just as it was for politicians to support them. Simply put, Jones and Pearson must deal with the repercussions of undermining British politics.

Additionally, Democrats have spent the next ten years focusing on their social rivals, particularly Biden and Obama, which has undermined political norms and standards. Under deliberately false pretenses, Obama’s’s management spied on the Trump campaign and his Internal Revenue Service notoriously targeted traditional organizations.

Six demonstrators, many of whom were genuinely peaceful, were defamed by a months-long Congressional show trial that purposefully concealed exculpatory surveillance footage from the public and the defendants’ attorneys under Biden’s’s Department of Justice ( DOJ ) on January 6.

Biden, Obama, and the other Democrats maintain that the Tennessee rebellion was pleasant despite the similarities between what occurred on January 6, 2021 and March 30, 2023, but that January 6 was an insult to politics and a national disaster comparable to Pearl Harbor, September 11, or the Civil War.

Additionally, the same Democrats who are calling the evictions extraordinary and unjust demanded that U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley be expelled for opposing the accreditation of the 2020 poll after Democrats rigged the results.

There are no survivors for Jones, Johnson, or Pearson. They started an uprising at the Tennessee State Capitol and were rightfully punished for their misbehavior. The six Christians who were killed by a transgender shooter — whose deaths Democrats are now using for political gain — are the true victims.

Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to travel to Tennessee to visit with Jones, Johnson, and Pearson, but not the families of the six slain Christians. Harris plans to further discuss restrictions on Americans’ Second Amendment rights but not the mental health crisis instigating the barbaric actions of the transgender shooter, whose gender dysphoria leftists have falsely labeled normal and brave.

Democrats have disrespected their memories by claiming the transgender murderer is a fellow” victim” of the shooting, in addition to exploiting the Christian victims. The Tennessee insurrectionists held up seven fingers last week for the alleged” seven victims” in the shooting, referring to the murderer as a” victim.”

In a press conference following the shooting, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that” our hearts go out to … the transgender neighborhood” who is” under assault just now” rather than the Christians who were killed. In addition, despite Nashville law enforcement’s’s claims that the murderer specifically targeted her victims and that his transgender identity was a factor in the attack, the Department of Justice for Biden does not intend to look into the taking as an act of hatred.

A federal horror was seized by Jones and Pearson, who used it to their advantage in politics. They are not soldiers or victims. They were rightly fired from positions they didn’t need to have because they were ethically bankrupt former Tennessee General Assembly users.

Evita Duffy-Alfonso co-founded the Chicago Thinker and works as a people author for The Federalist. She adores her family, writing, feller sports, and the Midwest. Contact her at evita @ or follow her on Twitter at @ evitaduffy _ 1.

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