Ted Cruz claims Merrick Garland indicted Hunter Biden to conceal anti-Trump agenda.

Sen. Ted Cruz Accuses Attorney General Merrick Garland of Political Motives

In a fiery appearance on Fox Business, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) launched a scathing attack on Attorney General Merrick Garland, accusing him of using the indictment of Hunter Biden as a means to “cover up” his personal “vendetta” against former President Donald Trump.

“Merrick Garland, I believe, is the most political attorney general our country has ever seen,” Cruz declared. “He entered the [Justice Department] wanting to and intending to indict Donald Trump. He needed to indict Hunter Biden as camouflage to say, ‘Look how fair I am. I indicted a Trump and a Biden. I’m really even.'”

Cruz went on to express his disappointment over Hunter Biden’s expected guilty plea, framing it as a grave miscarriage of justice. He accused Garland of being motivated by a personal vendetta against Trump.

Biden’s Alleged Corruption and the Implication of Joe Biden

According to Cruz, Hunter Biden’s legal troubles go beyond mere personal misconduct. He claimed that Biden has implicated his father, President Joe Biden, in a major corruption scheme. Cruz argued that Hunter Biden’s actions involve selling access to influential figures, including “shady foreign characters” like the Chinese communists and corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, for personal gain.

“The reason it matters, it’s a matter of public concern, it directly implicates official corruption of the president of the United States. Hunter Biden made a living selling access to daddy, access to really shady foreign characters whether it was the Chinese communists or corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, he made millions and Joe Biden, and there’s growing evidence Joe Biden personally pocketed millions,” Cruz asserted.

Cruz further alleged that the indictment of Hunter Biden is a deliberate distraction from a larger scandal, suggesting that Biden is being used as a scapegoat to divert attention away from potential wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

“It’s Hunter’s fault, he’s the scapegoat, now be done with that,” Cruz continued. “This is disgraceful and not the rule of law in our country.”

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