Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson Posts ‘Joke’ Calling for Mitch McConnell to Be Beaten Up Like Rand Paul

Rodney Robinson, 2019 National Teacher of the Year, posted a call to Twitter on Wednesday for someone to beat up Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) like was done to his fellow Kentuckian Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Paul had to have surgery to remove part of a lung that was damaged as a result of being attacked and beaten by a neighbor in 2017. (Update at end. Robinson now says he was joking.)

Rodney Robinson, image via Wikipedia.

“Who are Mitch McConnell’s neighbors? I’m just saying Rand Paul’s neighbor did what a true Kentucky hero should do. It’s your turn to step up.”


Robinson deleted the tweet sometime after 7 p.m. after posting it at 1:02 p.m. EST, December 30, 2020. Photo of tweet below.

Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson Posts ‘Joke’ Calling for Mitch McConnell to Be Beaten Up Like Rand Paul

Robinson has racial issues against “old white men” like the 78-year-old McConnell, as seen by this tweet from Tuesday, “I would say the government is broken but it’s doing exactly what it was designed to do which is maintain power and privilege for old white men.”

Robinson’s racism is also seen in this tweet about a visit to the dentist posted Wednesday, “Went to a new dentist yesterday and he referred me to oral surgeon network. I asked the black dental assistant in front of the others in the office to circle the black surgeons in the network. She said I already did. Others looked confused but if you don’t know you don’t know”

Excerpts from Wikipedia page about Robinson:

…After teaching for over a decade in middle and high schools in Richmond, Virginia, he became a social studies and history teacher for grades 6 through 12 at the Virgie Binford Education Center, located inside the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center. He was named Virginia Teacher of the Year in 2018 and National Teacher of the Year in 2019…

…Robinson received the R.E.B. Award for Teaching Excellence in 2012.[7] In 2018, he was named Virginia Teacher of the Year[8] and in 2019 he was recognized as National Teacher of the Year.[6] He described his reaction to winning the national award as humbling and noted: “as a black male educator, we’re put in this box where we’re told to only coach, only deal with difficult kids, only do discipline, and we fight to try to escape that box, and now here I was being chosen to represent all teachers and students in America. It was validating”.[3]

There was some controversy over whether Robinson would decide to visit the White House to be honored, but eventually he decided to go. He met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office after Trump broke with tradition by not personally presenting the award to Robinson.[9] Robinson planned to use his platform as National Teacher of the Year to advocate for more even funding of schools between rich and poor and to increase the number of minority men who become teachers.[3]

Update: Robinson says he was joking and blames racists for calling him out, “I made a Mitch McConnell joke today and the conservative bots are real angry. It’s funny because the joke was made early today and no one said a thing until I promoted black medical awareness.”


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