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Target launches new ‘Pride’ collection featuring rainbow items for babies and children’s books.

Target’s Latest “Pride” Collection Includes Clothing and Accessories for Kids and Babies

Target has unveiled its latest “Pride” collection, which includes clothing and accessories for babies and young children. In addition to the adult collection, which features bold statements like “Queer Queer Queer Queer” and “Not A Phase,” the store is selling onesies and small shirts with phrases like “Bien Proud” and “Just Be You And Feel The Love,” as well as rainbow-colored leggings, tutu skirts, and jumpers. Target is also offering bibs, sandals, swimwear, socks, and even pet accessories with various LGBTQ-related themes.

Controversy Surrounding Target’s “Pride” Collections

Target has faced backlash in the past for its “Pride” collections, which have included items like breast binders and packing underwear meant for self-identified transgender individuals. The retailer is also selling books that promote transgender activism among children, including “Bye Bye Binary,” which centers on a “joyful baby” who “refuses to conform to the gender binary.” Some lawmakers have moved to ban sexually explicit drag queen performances for minors, and conservative activists have called for the removal of LGBTQ-themed material from government schools and public libraries.

Pushback Against Censorship

The American Library Association has responded to the backlash, stating that demands to “censor library books” have nearly doubled between 2021 and 2022. The organization claims that the requests are coming from “organized censorship groups” that aim to suppress the voices of marginalized communities. Despite the controversy, Target and other businesses continue to commemorate “Pride” celebrations, while some face market backlash for their nods to radical transgender activism.

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