Sales of ‘Satan Respects Pronouns’ art soar after backlash against target partner.

Controversy Surrounds Target’s Pride Month Collection Designer

The designer behind Target’s “Pride Month” collection, Erik Carnell, has come under fire for selling Satanic merchandise on his website. Despite the backlash, sales of his Target designs have skyrocketed, causing him to temporarily shutter his Etsy store and website to fulfill demand.

Carnell, who is based in London, encouraged Target and other companies to stand firm in their support of the LGBTQ movement and not cave to pressure from conservatives. However, Target has already faced calls to make their “Pride Month” displays less prominent after Bud Light’s sales plummeted due to featuring a transgender influencer in their marketing efforts.

Target’s Market Capitalization Takes a Hit

Target’s market capitalization has fallen from $70.4 billion to $65.1 billion over the past week due to the controversy. Daily Wire host Matt Walsh noted that Target has branded itself as a far-left organization, making the boycott against them stick. He believes that conservatives have missed the mark in the past with failed boycott attempts and that the key is to make people not want to shop there.

Additional Controversy Surrounds Target’s Products

Target has also faced criticism for marketing a female swimsuit as “tuck-friendly” and “extra crotch coverage,” allowing men who identify as women to wear the item. They have also unveiled a variety of LGBTQ-themed products for kids and babies, including onesies with phrases like “Just Be You And Feel The Love.”

Carnell’s Response to the Backlash

Carnell has thanked his supporters for their overwhelming positivity and love, but has temporarily closed his Etsy store and website to catch up on orders. He stands by his designs and encourages companies to continue supporting the LGBTQ movement.

  • Abprallen’s mini messenger bag with the slogan “We Belong Everywhere”
  • Abprallen’s tote bag with the phrase “Too Queer For Here”
  • Abprallen’s sweatshirt emblazoned with “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People”

These are the three designs that Carnell created for Target’s “Pride Month” collection. However, his website also featured items such as a t-shirt with the phrase “Satan Respects Pronouns” and a design of a skeleton draped in rainbow colors that said “Trans Witches For Abortion.”

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