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Taiwan president vows her country has ‘will to fight’ China, US delegation says

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Members of a U.S. congressional delegation said Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen told them the citizens of her island democracy have the “will to fight” against a possible Chinese invasion.

After the Taiwanese leader returned from the United States, where she met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy( R – CA ) and others, Tsai spoke on Saturday during a closed-door meeting with the U.S. congressional delegation led by Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The army of the Chinese Communist Party conducted drills off the sea of Taiwan on Saturday as retribution for Tsai’s’s meetings with American leaders.


On Saturday, Tsai and McCaul made a short statement at the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following that, McCaul and House members met with Tsai and representatives of her leadership in private.

The” readout” from Tsai’s’s remarks on deterring China during the closed-door meeting included” the will of the Taiwanese people is just as strong as the Ukrainian people, but it will be stronger if we can provide them with the arms that they already purchased ,” Rep. Young Kim( R – CA ), the chairwoman for the Subcommittee on the Indo-Pacific, said during a press gaggle.

Young continued,” The Chinese people have the desire to fight, but it will be even stronger if they are able to do so, so she mentioned the shipping of the weapons they bought and the speed with which it was delivered to their hands.”

The Japanese people need to know that the United States supports them, and that helps with their might and their desire to fight, according to McCaul, who stated on Friday that Tsai” welcome our assistance, welcomed the Speaker’s’s assistance in a nonpartisan way.”

Tsai, according to Rep. Mike Lawler( R-NY ), cited British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former president Ronald Reagan for their leadership and well-known close friendship during the Cold War.

According to McCaul, Tsai and the congressional committee discussed the necessity of accelerating U.S. military training for Taiwan’s’s armed forces in order to punishment. Additionally, they talked about Taiwan’s’s response to a significant Chinese blockade of the island and the possibility of an all-out invasion by Tsai.

Gen. Michael Minihan of the United States Air Force issued a warning earlier this year that China might enter Taiwan as soon as 2025.

One of the main reasons why Ukraine has survived the Kremlin’s’s assault has been widely cited as being its willingness to fight the Russians.

Regarding the China challenge, Taiwan has viewed the Soviet invasion of Ukraine as a” wake-up face.”

You Si-kun, the head of Taiwan’s’s Legislative Yuan, stated on Friday that” Putin actually saw Ukraine as a delicious meal, but after taking action and igniting the war, he realized it was actually savagely stuck in his throat.” It must likewise turn into a” fish spine” that the Chinese leader would go on, he said, calling it” a reminder for Xi Jinping because well.”

At the Taiwanese foreign ministry, McCaul started off by saying,” We love Taiwan ,” in Chinese.

I’d’d like to congratulate you on your recent trip to the US. You are the leader and a very brave and courageous ruler of Taiwan. We are more powerful when we stand up. We travel to Taiwan as Americans who firmly support this lovely beach, not as Republicans or Democrats, according to McCaul. It is crucial that all democracies stand united against oppression and tyranny, whether it be the unwarranted invasion of Ukraine by Putin or the brutality by Communist China against your country and the Pacific. Madame President, we support Taiwan.

President Joe Biden has frequently vowed that if China attacked Taiwan, the United States would support it physically.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense determined that by the time Tsai spoke on Saturday morning, 42 PLA aircraft and eight Chinese military ships had been found close to Taiwan. 29 Chinese aircraft had also entered Taiwan’s’s air defense identification zone in the southwest,” attempting coercion on us ,” and had” crossed the northern, central, and southern median line of the Taiwan Strait.”


Users of the U.S. group had been forewarned by China’s’s consulate in the United States not to visit Taiwan, and McCaul stated on Saturday that” these intimidation tactics and saber-rattling, in my opinion, only corporate up our resolve against the Chinese Communist Party” and” it has no warning effect on us— in truth, I think it galvanizes American support for Taiwan.”

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