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Sylvester Stallone to Relocate Permanently from California to Florida

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer⁣ Flavin Stallone Make a ⁤Bold Move

In an exciting announcement on the premiere‌ of “The Family Stallone” Season 2,​ Sylvester ‍Stallone and his wife of nearly 27 years, Jennifer Flavin ‌Stallone, revealed their plans to⁢ permanently leave California and embark on ⁤a new adventure in Florida.

This ⁣power⁣ couple,⁣ known for ‍their Hollywood success and‌ enduring love, have decided ⁢to shake things up and make a fresh start in ⁢the​ Sunshine State. With their hearts set on a new chapter, Sylvester and‍ Jennifer are ​ready to leave behind the ⁢glitz ⁢and glamour of California and⁢ embrace the vibrant energy of Florida.

This exciting news was shared during ⁣the premiere episode of “The Family Stallone” Season 2, leaving fans buzzing⁢ with anticipation for what lies ahead⁤ for this dynamic duo. As they bid ‌farewell to California, Sylvester and Jennifer are eager to‍ explore all that Florida⁤ has to‌ offer, from its stunning beaches to its thriving entertainment industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sylvester⁢ Stallone and⁢ Jennifer Flavin Stallone’s thrilling journey as they embark on this bold relocation. This is a ⁢move that will ​surely make waves in ‌both the entertainment world and the hearts of their fans.


Sylvester Stallone Announces He Will⁤ ‘Leave the State of California Permanently,’ Relocate to Florida

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