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Swifties are questioning Travis Kelce’s decision to like a pro-Trump Instagram post

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs​ tight end ​and ⁣three-time Super⁣ Bowl champion, has stirred controversy by liking an Instagram post ⁤featuring former ⁤ESPN host Sage Steele with ex-President Donald Trump at UFC ‍299. Taylor Swift’s fans, known for her support of‌ President Biden, express disappointment over ⁢Kelce’s ‍social media activity, highlighting the contrast in political views. Travis Kelce, the ⁢Kansas City Chiefs tight end and three-time Super Bowl champion, has sparked controversy by liking ‍an Instagram post showing​ former⁣ ESPN ‌host Sage​ Steele with former President Donald ⁢Trump at UFC 299. Fans of Taylor Swift, who supports President Biden, ⁣are disappointed by Kelce’s social media⁢ engagement, ⁢underscoring the divergence in political stances.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight end and three-time Super Bowl champion, is garnering attention for “liking” an Instagram post by former ESPN host Sage Steele featuring her standing next to former President Donald Trump at UFC 299.

“What. A. Night. After years of covering @ufc at ESPN, I FINALLY got to see it live & in person. Game changer. THANK YOU @danawhite … for EVERYTHING! Great people, great event, great fights! (Check out the last video – it’s the final minute of the main card fight .. so intense!!!) 🇺🇸#ufc299,” Steele said in a recent Instagram post.

The post, which was written last month, has been liked by over 58,000 Instagram users, but fans only recently noticed that Kelce liked the post.

She added a side note for her critical fans, “Cue the divisive, close-minded thoughts and unfollows in 3…2…1… ) #diversityofthought.”

Fans of his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, known for her support of President Joe Biden in the previous election, are wondering why the football star liked the social media post.

“That’s quite disappointing, but I will say I need people to not associate that with Taylor’s views,” a Swift fan said on social media.

NFL star and boyfriend of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, is stirring up controversy after liking a post of Sage Steele and Donald Trump at a UFC event.

It is rumored that Kelce will be supporting Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

This is shocking considering he’s dating… pic.twitter.com/ZkWhKuX8NG

— Isabella Moody (@isabellamoody_) April 15, 2024

One social media user suggested that Kelce deserves an apology after claims that he was a “deep state plant by Biden.”

“So Travis Kelce liked a pic of Trump with an ESPN journalist and Reddit is having a meltdown over it. Meanwhile Travis and Taylor are dancing at Coachella. Stay mad weirdos,” another person said.

Kelce previously expressed excitement about going to the White House for a championship win while Trump was president.

“Grew up my whole life watching teams win championships and then go to the White House and get recognized for their greatness… regardless of who is in office I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital,” he said on social media.


He has also advocated stricter gun control, kneeling during the national anthem, and promoting the COVID-19 vaccine in television ads.

Swift’s father, Scott Swift, has been known to be a Republican despite his famous daughter’s politics.

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