Survey: Voters Say Trump Would Win Republican Primary Over DeSantis


Former President Donald Trump is still the clear favorite when it comes to the hypothetical 2024 Republican primary race, as voters believe he would win over popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in a potential 2024 matchup, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday found.

The survey found that a majority of voters have a favorable view of both DeSantis and Trump, both garnering 52 percent. 

However, the survey also asked, “If both Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were to seek the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, who would most likely win?”

A plurality, 40 percent, said Trump would win, while 22 percent said the same of DeSantis. Another 23 percent said “neither,” followed by 15 percent who remain unsure. 

Most Republicans, 59 percent, said Trump would win, while 23 percent said the same of DeSantis. Democrats are less sure, as 24 percent said Trump and 20 percent said DeSantis. A plurality in that group, 40 percent, said “neither” would win. 

Independents also tend to believe Trump would win, 37 percent choosing Trump and 21 percent predicting DeSantis. 

Further results from the poll:

Trump is viewed favorably by 57% of whites, 30% of black voters and 49% of other minorities. DeSantis is viewed favorably by 53% of whites, 39% of black voters and 54% of other minorities.

 There is very little “gender gap” in Trump’s favorability, while DeSantis is viewed more favorably by men (57%) than women voters (46%).

Voters under 40 are more likely than their elders to believe Trump would win if both he and DeSantis sought the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

While Trump has hinted at running again in 2024, DeSantis has shown no interest, focusing solely on his reelection bid in Florida, where he leads his potential Democrat challengers by double digits.

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