Unexpected Group Rejects Leftist Ideology, Twice as Conservative

Surprising Demographic Is Rejecting Leftist Ideology,‍ Twice ⁢as Likely to ​Be Conservative

High school-aged young men ‍are more likely to describe themselves as conservative than liberal by a ratio⁤ of almost two-to-one, a new report claimed.

That means there is hope ⁣for a country that is beleaguered ⁣by weakness — which leans to the‍ left.

Ironically, just a week ago I told someone during a casual ‌conversation that ⁢I felt something was⁣ different about the kids I‌ have encountered recently.

After watching⁤ “Oppenheimer” last week, two teen boys in front of me on‌ the way out of the theater commented on the film in a manner that I ​would describe as anything ​but “woke.”

A week ⁤before that, I heard a kid praise ⁤a female staffer at a⁣ department⁢ store for not having any​ tattoos ⁢or for sporting blue or green hair.

Additionally, I have spent ⁣several consecutive summers ​contracting my lawn work out to some hard-working, young ⁢entrepreneurs‌ in the neighborhood.

While⁣ this is‌ all anecdotal, this information led ​me to recall an old adage:

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good ‍times, good times create weak⁢ men, and weak men create hard times.

Kids today have been ⁢raised in hard times and with a lot of weak men as their examples.

Could‍ you⁢ imagine being a teenager in‍ today’s world? This generation⁢ is one that has had ‌every institution beam ⁤leftism⁢ at them⁢ loudly their entire lives and from every direction.

If there ‌is one⁢ thing kids are good at, it is being rebellious. Perhaps​ they’re tired ⁤of ‌ cultural cancers, being relegated to a privileged‌ class ‍by society and being led​ by ⁣ wimps. The status quo‌ is ⁤a ‍liberal hellscape.

In any event, the ⁣ University of Michigan has ⁣dropped the annual Monitoring the Future survey. It​ gauges‌ where the ⁢minds of America’s young people are‌ and has done so since the 1970s.

The survey found that high ⁣school seniors over the last three‌ years are ‍largely⁢ apolitical, but when they were asked to ⁤choose a side of ⁢the aisle, a plurality of the boys said ‌they sit on the right.

From ⁣2020‌ until​ 2022, the number of ⁢male⁢ high​ school seniors who identified⁣ as conservative fluctuated from 26 percent to 23 percent.

During that same time, ⁤only 13 percent said they identified ⁢as liberal.

Girls were more likely to pick a side, and 30 percent⁣ of them identified as liberal compared to only ‍12 percent who⁣ said they were ​conservative.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk,‌ whose⁢ organization specializes in youth outreach, wasn’t surprised by⁢ the find:

If the report is accurate, and there is⁢ every reason to believe it is, America might⁣ someday be in‌ better ⁤hands with the youngest ‍among us than those who have led the country down its current ⁢path.

As Americans, we’re of course⁤ all blessed with opportunities that people in most countries could never fathom.

But ⁢the grown-ups in ‌the room have⁤ failed ‍to⁤ offer young people an America that resembles the one ​they inherited. Kids today are arguably economically and culturally ​disadvantaged⁤ — ‍relative to people who ‍graduated high school in previous decades.

Young men right now are almost‌ assured to ‍find a broken​ dating marketplace ​and job and housing markets that are difficult to navigate. Times are tough.

Perhaps today’s youngest men will‌ be​ strong enough​ to bring about the next⁣ era of⁣ prosperity.

A lot of their minds are in the⁢ right place.

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