Study Finds “Newsguard” Rating System Still Rigged In Favor This is Left-Wing Outlets

Discredited Ratings firm for leftist websites NewsGuard has had a year to prove that its ratings system isn’t prejudiced against conservative media, but it’s failing miserably. A new analysis shows how liberal media outlets were rated 25 percent higher on average than right-leaning outlets. NewsGuard’s self-projection as a credibility gatekeeper is a complete joke.

MRC Free Speech America The following was analyzed NewsGuard Ratings of media outlets based upon a list compiled and maintained by AllSides They were classified “bias” On a scale from left to right. The average NewsGuard score for “left” And “lean left” outlets — which included leftist outlets like USA Today — was a “green shield” Rating of 91/100 USA Today He was involved in a scandal. former reporter Gabriela Miranda It was found to have fabricated sources. While The average rating for “right” And “lean right” outlets — which included Fox News, The Daily Wire And New York Post — was a low 66/100. 

That’s a 25-point disparity.  

This Just over a year after MRC, the study was published. Free Speech America Released its first comprehensive study Analyzing NewsGuard’s bias on Dec. 13, 2021, which showed an 93/100 to 666/100 disparity in favour of “left” And “lean left” Media outlets all over “right” And “lean right” Media outlets

NewsGuard’s bias has barely budged in over 365 days of ever-changing nutrition labels either praising or demonizing the “credibility” Several news outlets But NewsGuard as an organisation is not in a position to virtue-signal “credibility” Given that its CEO Steven Brill It was tried to cast The now-verified Hunter Biden Laptop scandal: Russian “hoax” Just before the 2020 presidential elections. Even After the emails from the laptop had been verified, NewsGuard maintained Perfect scores for outlets such as Politico, The Washington Post And USA Today, All of them tried to bury the evidence and interfered in the 2020 elections Biden Family scandal as a disinformation operation. 

Outlets Like The New York Times And The Washington Post I have gone on to cit NewsGuard is a neutral journalist referee due to the warm treatment they receive from the firm. Both The Washington Post And The New York Times Received 100/100 scores NewsGuard. The Washington Post was recently caught Stealth-editing is a report Journalists falsely labeled Matt Taibbi And Bari Weiss As “conservative.” The erroneous characterization came after both reporters’ separate  coverage Exposed internal communications Twitter’s massive campaign to censor speech and ban former President Donald Trump. The Times Recently acted as a public Relations firm for communists China During the COVID-19 pandemic. One A grotesque example for glorifying China’s draconian zero-COVID-19 controls appeared in the paper in February 2021: “Power, Patriotism and 1.4 Billion People: How China Beat the Virus and Roared Back.” (NOTE: New York Times And The Washington Post These were posted to the AllSides list, and were included in MRC Free Speech America’s analysis.)

AllSides listed 31 outlets total “left” Or “lean left” There are 23 outlets in the list. “right” Or “lean right.” AllSides included the opinion sections from news websites as separate entities. MRC Free Speech America Any outlet that was characterized by “opinion” To keep the analysis in focus, we recommend that you pay attention to news organizations. The Outlets classified as “left” And “lean left” look ridiculous in light of the content that they’ve published and promoted.

BuzzFeed News continues to host The bogus January 2017 Steele dossier It published that made erroneous claims Concerning alleged collusion between Trump And Russia. However, NewsGuard still scores an excellent 100/100. In Send an email to Media Research Center This message was sent earlier in the year NewsGuard General Manager Matt Skibinski justified his company’s perfect “100/100” BuzzFeed rating News by noting the five-year timespan since the dossier’s publication and the fact that the dossier article It is one “single story.” That’s despite the fact that top government officials and Democrat The legislature used the Steele dossier was created as part a protracted investigation into politics that cost $25.2million in taxpayer dollars. according to Fox Business, paralyzing the country for two-years.   

BuzzFeed News even tried protecting disgraced CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin After he was caught masturbating while he was wearing his pants down, a Zoom call for The New Yorker, Where he was a staff author. In a piece disguised as news and not labeled opinion, BuzzFeed’s asinine headline made it appear like people generally do what Toobin did: “Jeffrey Toobin Can’t Be The Only Person Masturbating On Work Zoom Calls.”

BuzzFeed “senior culture writer” Scaachi Koul wielded Scripture To wokescold Toobin’s critics: “Haven’t we all done something on a work call that, in normal circumstances, we’d never do during a meeting? Let he without sin cast the first stone.” An An outlet like this deserves a perfect score according to NewsGuard.

Despite A journalistic scandal of shocking proportions involved USA Today Publishing multiple stories with fabricated source, MRC Free Speech America exposed On June 24 how NewsGuard still maintained the publication’s perfect 100/100 rating. That Score remains the same as in Dec. 13. USA Today’s fact-checking operation has also been shown to peddle fake news to protect left-wing politicians. In A so-called June 30, 2020, “fact-check”The outlet tried deflecting from the historical fact That Democrats The white supremacist movement was initiated Ku Klux Klan They were responsible für the Civil War Drawing a thin distinction between the Democratic Party And Democrats:

Historians You can agree that, although there are factions of both the Democratic Party Majorly contributed to the Civil War’s It is inaccurate to claim that the party is responsible for both the KKK’s founding and start.

The The headline for the propagandistic fact-check It was deceptive “Fact check: Democratic Party did not found the KKK, did not start the Civil War.” The Democratic Party may not have Officially, the Civil WarBut the Confederacy was indisputable made up of strident DemocratsWhich USA Today Arbitrarily To protect the left, glossed over In fact, one of the KKK’s founding members was Confederate Veteran Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, Democrat. But According to NewsGuard’s nutrition label, USA Today “[A]voids deceptive headlines” And “[g]athers and presents information responsibly.” 

The Bias becomes even more extreme. Of All the “lean right” AllSides has listed news outlets The Federalist Scored the worst with a failing 12.5/100 Score, the same score it held when it was MRC Free Speech America’s first study. After One year NewsGuard is still being criticized The Federalist’s questioning Even though liberal CNBC is not on the AllSides List, it has a testimony to the effectiveness of COVID-19 masks “95” NewsGuard rating) cited a study Showing that cloth masks are only 37 percent effective at filtering out virus particles. Another August 2021 preprint study We did not find an “association between mask mandates or use and reduced COVID-19 spread in US states.” 

NewsGuard’s skewed ratings become even more outrageous in light of the outlets it considers more credible than The Federalist.

Communist China state propaganda outlet Global Times Have you been a? 39.5/100 NewsGuard rating 27 points higher than The Federalist. Global Times You received a green certificate for the following: NewsYou must adhere to the following guidelines “Does not repeatedly publish false content,” Despite the fact that it is a propaganda outlet for the state, The Federalist That standard was apparently broken. It’s worth noting that Global Times The outlet that threatened Australia By becoming “cannon fodder” If it could, Taiwan. (NOTE: Global Times Added to the AllSides list but not tallied in MRC Free Speech America’s calculation.) [Emphasis added.]

NewsGuard apparently doesn’t appreciate it when its bias is exposed for the world to see.

NewsGuard — at the time of MRC Free Speech America’s first study exposing its blatant bias —  tried to accuse MRC of “cherry-pick[ing]” outlets even though the study used another organization’s list and despite MRC having no hand in compiling that list. The Liberal Poynter Institute cited Two media experts shared their expertise “praise for the stated methods for rating bias” AllSides Poynter It is the same institution that attempted to blacklist 29 conservative outlets for 2019 and is funded in part by prominent liberal billionaires. George Soros And Pierre Omidyar. 

After complaining MRC “cherry-picked” Sites to include in the 2021 study Skibinski In an effort to prove this, we cherry-picked sites. NewsGuard wasn’t biased. He He also noted that his firm “rated many conservative-leaning websites as highly credible,” Like The Daily CallerHe praised it as “The Best”. “has a score of 92.5 out of 100.” HoweverOur records show that NewsGuard had given The Daily Caller A low rating of “70” The study was published with 100 participants Dec. 13, 2021, not an “92.5” As Skibinski It was misleadingly claimed at that time. In The score was actually only updated to “92.5” Four days after the release of the first study, another one was published. 

The Daily Caller’s score had since been updated to a perfect 100/100 score as of Dec. 14, 2022 but the low overall average score NewsGuard dolls were distributed to conservative news organisations writ-large (66%) – the exact same as last year.

The Results of MRC Free Speech America’s latest analysis are especially damning in light of NewsGuard’s latest expansion into rating TV shows. Variety reported Dec. 1 NewsGuard’s ratings of “140 cable, streaming, and network television shows and networks will be available to advertising agencies, marketers, and others starting January 2, 2023.” NewsGuard’s TV show ratings are structured based on a 0-10 scale as opposed to the 0/100 scale used for websites. NewsGuard scored Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight Rock bottom, giving the show an 0/10. NewsGuard claimed Carlson’s Show “regularly advances false, misleading, and unsubstantiated claims on topics of importance such as COVID-19 and U.S. and international politics.”

By compArison, CNN’s Inside Politics received a NewsGuard rating of 9/10 because host John King Supposedly, it provides “multiple viewpoints in his reports, mostly through his own summary of dissenting views on a story, and interviews with prominent Republican lawmakers, pollsters, and consultants.” But King This is blatantly biased. For example, King He and his panel recently used Trump’s dining with Ye (formerly known by “Kanye West”) and Ye’s guest, white supremacist Nick Fuentes, and the GOP’s quiet response to imply that Republicans Anti-Semitic party that encourages hate crimes. King The fact that Trump It is transparently pro-IsraelCertain, however, are not. Democrats consistently spread anti-Israel rhetoric.

In JulyAs the economy continued to decline, this was reflected in President Joe Biden’s administration, Inside Politics’s King His biases will also be apparent whining That Americans Should “give the Democrats some grace” Because “governing is hard.” In June, King called pro-Trump Republican Candidates “a cancer in the Republican party.” 

Such “credibility,” eh NewsGuard?

METHODOLOGY – MRC Free Speech America AllSides has been used media bias chart This is a measure to determine how NewsConsideration given to guard rates outlets “left” And “lean left” Comparatively to outlets “right” And “lean right.” AllSides noted It has been a “patent on rating bias and use[s] multiple methodologies,” It is not a homogeneous group. “Our methods are: Blind Bias Surveys of Americans, Editorial Reviews by a multipartisan team of panelists who look for common types of media bias, independent reviews, and third party data.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Readers This report uses the AllSides list for analysis. NewsAllSides considers the guard ratings of outlets to be “left” And “lean left” Or “right” And “lean right” and does not necessarily reflect MRC’s characterizations of these outlets.

Conservatives They are under attack Contact Demand that they be contacted by your representatives Big Tech be held accountable to mirror the First Amendment While providing transparency, clarity, and equal footing for conservatives. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s contact formPlease help us to hold Big Tech accountable.

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