‘Stop Using These Made Up Words’: Comic Con Slaps Woke Term On Filipino Panel, Gets Torched

The San Diego Comic Con took some heat this week for slapping a woke label on a panel featuring Filipino “Voices In Pop Culture”: Filipinx.

Much like the often-criticized term Latinx — which has been widely panned by members of the very community it is used to describe — the convention’s social media team’s use of the term Filipinx appeared to be an attempt to be gender-inclusive.

“The Filipinx Voices in Pop Culture was a fun and educational all Filipinx panel discussing Filipinx influences behind your favorite media!” @Comic_Con tweeted.

The Filipinx Voices in Pop Culture was a fun and educational all Filipinx panel discussing Filipinx influences behind your favorite media! 📸 Edward S. pic.twitter.com/OOgLFKp2pf

— San Diego Comic-Con (@Comic_Con) July 22, 2022

But critics were not impressed, and quickly took to Twitter to hit back at Comic Con.

“Stop using these made-up words to score woke virtue signaling points from people who never asked you to speak for them in the first place,” @nknewsorg’s social media editor Oliver Jia (@OliverJia1014) commented.

“Want to know why white liberals push this ‘Latinx’ and ‘Filipinx’ s***? It’s the ‘white man’s burden,’” @ReviewsPossum added. “They see you as a savage and feel the need to civilize you, so they colonize your language to make it more appealing to their own ‘enlightened’ sensibilities. It’s racism.”

“We are NOT going to start using Filipinx. nuh uh. no,” @Chef033 declared.

“The gringx are at it again,” came from @KalebPrime.

@RioXVII added, “We don’t use Filipinx at all. this isn’t a thing. It’s always been gender neutral, which is why we use Kami = us, Tayo = we, Sila = they. Please stop trying to make it a thing.”

“¿Qué diablos es Filipinx? ¿Una nueva enfermedad venérea?” Agustin Laje tweeted. (Translation: What the devil is Filipinx? A new venereal disease?)

“If you call me Filipinx I will personally go to your house and eat you alive,” @yousoromi warned.

“How is it that I, a white American dude, who has a moderately basic knowledge of Latin languages know more about said languages — like the fact that ‘X’ doesn’t exist in the vocabulary or that gender neutral terms already exist in said languages — than these people?” @soulkibble added.

A number noted that the Filipino language did not include the letter X at all until 1976, when 8 new letters were added to the original Tagalog alphabet — and even then, the letter only appears in words that are derived from foreign origins.

Others pointed out the fact that the word Filipino is already a gender neutral term — as are the language’s pronouns. Typically, a person is addressed as “siya” (“them”) and there are no gender-specific words for he/she or him/her.

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