‘Steelers Are Trash For This’ : Pittsburgh Steelers Bashed After Player Performs Mock CPR On Field

In went into cardiac arrest on the field last night after the Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin tragically collapsed, Monday was torn up by fans at a Pittsburgh Steelers player in After celebrating being sent off in the fourth quarter of a game against Steelers by performing simulated CPR on a teammate.

Early 28-14 lead, Cleveland Browns sacked Steelers quarterback Alex Highsmith. Steelers Falling to the ground after being caught, a teammate rushed to him and gave him chest compressions before helping him to his feet. Browns The player performed a mock CPR celebration after being dismissed Deshaun Watson. As Highsmith—

Steelers (@OutkickDeshaun WatsonZ) pic.twitter.com/Ocnrdfmvl8

Blowing up player insensitivity Dan Zaksheske. Dan Defenseman celebrates being sacked with CPR. January 8, 2023

Fans Every week… doesn’t look good. Steelers.

Steelers— Of (@TheYikesShow) pic.twitter.com/ZvVPCwS6ya

is crap…Gunz— Gunz (@January 8, 2023


) Browns Rally Possum I repeat: *) IS ​​TRASH Browns— Possum (@Scuba_Steve26) January 9, 2023

to Steelers Vote for worst sack celebration of the week… pic.twitter.com/KtHCET1P7J

— NFL Stephen (@NFL_January 8, 2023

Shoutout) Steelers Player voting may be misbehaving, but recently pic.twitter.com/MNYB5EqMtI

, Memes, Memes, January 8, 2023

One Steelers and Friday in daycare Levi Wallace when playing Tre Norwood of Terrell Edmunds will ( *) as his project). Cameron Sutton Say. Steelers brought armfuls of toys Say. Hamlin repeat. University Add to. Pittsburgh

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