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States severing connections with the leftist American Library Association. Positive move.

American Library Association Faces ​Backlash as States Cut Ties

A wave of states is now severing connections with the American Library Association (ALA),‍ a move that many⁣ view as ⁤necessary given the organization’s transformation into⁢ a left-wing interest group, mirroring the trend seen in other public institutions.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)⁣ is leading the charge against the ​ALA, accusing ‍them of ⁢promoting ⁣the sexualization of ‌children and minors ⁢through explicit material while actively concealing it ⁣from ⁤parents.

The Washington Post ​reported:

“When it was his turn to question witnesses, he called up a video of Deborah Caldwell-Stone, ‌director‍ of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. ⁣In‍ a Zoom call, Caldwell-Stone had been recorded arguing that book advocates should ‘reframe’ the book challenges.‌ This debate should not⁣ center ​on⁢ whether titles are sexually inappropriate for minors, Caldwell-Stone said. It should be about ‘diverse materials … that are about … everybody’s right​ to see themselves and their families reflected’ on bookshelves.”

“The American Library Association is facing a partisan firefight unlike⁢ anything in its almost 150-year history.”

The Left commits outrageous acts, yet if you dare to notice, you are the one accused of ‍starting a “firefight.”

The Post continued:

“The once-uncontroversial organization, which says it is the world’s largest⁢ and oldest library association and which provides funding, ⁢training, and⁣ tools to most‍ of the country’s 123,000 libraries, has become entangled in ⁤the education culture wars — ‍the⁢ raging debates over what and how to ⁤teach about‍ race, sex, and gender — culminating in Tuesday’s senatorial name-check.”

“Like Lee, politicians and parents on the right increasingly paint the association, known as the ALA, as a ‍defender of pornographic ​literature for children — tying their allegations into a broader⁣ conservative movement that asserts‌ school libraries ‌are filled with sexually explicit, inappropriate texts. (A 2022 tweet in which the organization’s president called herself ⁤’a Marxist lesbian’‍ added to concerns.)”

So, the issue is not that ⁢the ALA’s president identifies as ‌a⁣ Marxist lesbian;‌ the issue is that she publicly tweeted about it during the summer.

State libraries in Montana, Missouri, and Texas have announced their ⁢decision to ‍sever ties with the ALA, a commendable move that should be replicated.

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Meanwhile, librarians and left-leaning individuals are defending the ALA, emphasizing its role ⁤as a crucial provider of ⁢funding and expertise for librarians. ⁣They point to an ALA report that documented 1,269 attempts to ban library books ⁤in 2022,​ the‍ highest number of challenges recorded by the ALA to date.

Kudos to parents for finally waking up and taking⁢ notice.

Furthermore, the fact that ⁤parents fighting against the‌ indoctrination of their children are⁤ labeled as right-wing radicals speaks volumes about ‍the lengths the Left will go​ to vilify them.


What are some specific concerns raised⁣ by critics regarding the ALA’s promotion of explicit material⁢ in libraries?

Embers, has drawn increasing criticism in recent‍ years from ‌Republicans, who have accused the association of being biased, increasingly partisan, and‌ promoting an‍ agenda that undermines traditional values.”

The ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom has come under scrutiny for its stance‌ on controversial books that contain explicit material, particularly those targeting children and minors. Critics argue that the ALA is actively promoting the sexualization of young readers while disregarding the concerns of parents trying to protect their​ children from inappropriate content. This has fueled the backlash seen in several states cutting ties with the organization.

One of the leading voices against ⁤the ALA is Senator Mike Lee from Utah. He believes that the organization ⁢has overstepped its boundaries by advocating for the inclusion of sexually explicit material in libraries, without providing any safeguards ‌for‌ the youngest and most vulnerable library users. Senator Lee’s efforts have gained traction in conservative-leaning states, resulting in the severing of connections with the ALA.

In a revealing video presented by Senator Lee, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, the director of the ALA’s Office ‍for Intellectual Freedom, is seen arguing that the focus of book challenges should not be ‌on⁣ the sexual appropriateness for minors, but rather on diversity and inclusivity. This statement ⁣has only further fueled concerns among critics ⁣who believe that the ALA is prioritizing its⁤ own agenda over the well-being​ of children.

The⁢ controversy surrounding the ALA is indicative of a ⁣broader trend in public institutions where left-wing ideologies and agendas are becoming increasingly prevalent. Many conservatives argue that the ALA, once an​ uncontroversial organization dedicated to promoting intellectual​ freedom and providing resources for libraries, has lost its way by aligning itself with progressive interests.

The ALA’s ⁤response to the backlash has been defensive, dismissing criticism as ⁣partisan attacks. However,​ the increasing number of states cutting⁤ ties with the ⁣organization is evidence of a​ growing dissatisfaction with its direction. Parents and concerned citizens, on both sides of the political ⁤spectrum, are calling for transparency, ‌accountability, and a renewed focus on the welfare of young library users.

As the ALA faces this unprecedented challenge to its credibility and relevance, it will need‍ to make some important decisions. Will it continue down the path of aligning itself with political ideologies and risk ‌alienating a significant portion of its⁣ support base? Or will it refocus on its original mission⁢ of promoting intellectual freedom and serving the needs of all​ library users, including ⁣children and minors?

The outcome will shape not⁢ only the future of the ALA but also the broader landscape of ‍public institutions and the balance between freedom of expression and protection of vulnerable populations. The backlash against the ALA serves‍ as a reminder that organizations⁣ must remain neutral, transparent, and responsive to the concerns of those they serve, regardless of their political affiliations. Only then can‌ they truly⁢ fulfill⁤ their mission of fostering an informed and inclusive society.

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