Stacey Abrams on Record Voter Turnout in Georgia: There Was Still Voter Suppression

In the world of Stacey Abrams, everything is rigged, and her endless lies, grievances and conspiracies are either unfalsifiable, or the falsification of them is simply ignored.  She’s become a big star among Democrats and their colleagues in the news media because of her lies, grievances and conspiracies.  Sometimes, they like such things, depending on who’s claiming victimhood.  Abrams is about to become her party’s gubernatorial nominee for the second time in two tries, but she’s currently consumed by November-minded damage control.  She’s playing defense over her amazing weekend soundbyte in which she declared Georgia to be the worst state in the country in which to live.  She can add all the “context” she wants.  She just rolled out the campaign slogan that Republicans will tie to her for the next five months: “Georgia — we’re the worst.

Notice the reticent smattering of applause, even from a friendly crowd.  Georgia has been a leading state not just for doing business, but for population influx, in recent years.  People aren’t flocking to the Peach State because it’s a dystopian hellhole. Contra what Abrams says in the clip, unemployment is on the decline in the state, not wages.  Wages are up.  Are they up enough to overcome inflation?  Likely not, in many cases, but that’s true across the country, and it’s certainly not an indictment of Gov. Brian Kemp and state-level Republicans.  Inflation is a calling card of the national Democrats and their failed policies.  They were warned about inflation by some of their own smartest economists, then wasted trillions in new spending anyway.  The problem has spiraled.  They only avoided lighting the place on fire with $5 trillion in additional spending last year because two Senators (out of three Congressional Democrats, total, who opposed ‘Build Back Better’) wouldn’t go along with the insane scheme.  Now they’re playing stupid, harmful scapegoating games about the problem they fueled, as voters identify it as their top concern, by far:

Stacey Abrams is a tax-and-spend leftist Democrat who has not opposed a single inflationary policy of her party’s governance at the federal level.  Her problem is that people are moving to Georgia in droves because conservative governance has been a success.  Her problem is that it’s obviously not the worst place in the country to live, and quite a few Georgians will take exception to that claim.  And her problem is that alongside a disgracefully demagogic President of the United States, she is the most visible face of the ‘Jim Crow’ voting reform lie that is unraveling before our eyes this week.  Early and absentee balloting has not merely increased over the last midterm cycle, “despite” the “suppression.”  It has skyrocketed:

Abrams said her state was engaged in modern-day ‘Jim Crow’ — which would be deeply evil, if true — then ran away from the boycotts she directly inspired when she realized they might hurt her politically.  Now she’s trying to spin the opposite-of-suppression “suppression” to justify her wildly dishonest talking points that are being debunked by reality in real time.  It’s sounding every bit as ridiculous as you might expect:

“Thrown back” because the fear-mongering — Stacey Abrams’ fear-mongering — was rooted in a fiction.  Abrams and her party will be available for accountability in November.  Where is the accountability for corporate entities that spread partisan lies?  

Fascinating. Major League Baseball dove face-first into an ignorant, partisan boycott campaign last year, going so far as to uproot a showcase event for the sport out of Georgia and ostentatiously relocate it.  They made a loud statement, based on total falsehoods, and rife with mindless hypocrisy.  And now that the extent of their embarrassment is quite obvious, they suddenly have nothing to say.  Is the MLB braintrust happy to see the opposite of suppression taking place, or not?  They should be pushed to answer these types of questions.  If they’re capable of learning a lesson, make it painful for them. They earned it:

Part of the accountability challenge, of course, is that the people positioned to ask these questions are journalists (including, if not especially, sports writers) who joined in the smear and are often ideological and partisan combatants who themselves need accountability.  On that score, I’ll leave you with this performance from a news reporter for NBC who gained prominence as a Resistance hero working at taxpayer-funded NPR during the Trump administration.  This would be a grotesque, unhinged smear coming from an MSNBC pundit.  But this is a supposed ‘journalist:’

This is her analysis as a Republican “voter suppression” law has “suppressed” the black vote all the way to…tripling in early and absentee balloting, compared to the previous, pre-Jim Crow 2.0 “suppression” midterm cycle.  No remorse, no introspection.  A post-truth double down.

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