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Why are American conservatives afraid to protest unlike Spaniards?

Tens of thousands of passionate individuals have taken‌ to⁣ the streets in cities all over Spain since October, engaging in sustained demonstrations to protest the socialist‍ takeover of the Spanish government. These protesters are expressing their strong opposition to an amnesty⁣ deal struck between Spain’s‍ socialist President Pedro Sánchez and the Catalan separatists, who violated the Spanish constitution in 2017 by attempting to secede from Spain. By securing the release of incarcerated and exiled ⁢Spanish criminals,​ Sánchez managed to secure a third ⁤term in power.

The protests are being organized by Spain’s conservative People’s Party and Vox, a further right populist party. In a recent interview between Vox President Santiago Abascal and Tucker Carlson, Abascal emphasized that the amnesty deal is not just a violation⁢ of the constitution and national⁤ unity, but also a threat ⁤to Spain’s economy, justice system, immigration policies, freedom of speech, and national identity.

However, the​ massive demonstrations in Spain⁢ raise an important question: Where ​are the American demonstrations? The challenges faced by Spaniards bear ‌striking similarities to those faced ‌by Americans. The American left’s disdain​ for our heritage led to the ‍destruction​ of historical ⁢monuments ​and statues during a summer of ‍violent riots. Our current president, Joe ​Biden, came to power through a controversial election,⁣ and his ⁢administration has weaponized the federal government against his political opponents. Border security ⁢is being neglected, leading to a surge in illegal immigration and economic burdens. Meanwhile,​ the middle class is struggling with increasing taxes, inflation, and gas prices. Despite these issues, conservatives in America seem to ‌be lacking in protest.

The left in America has effectively used fear and intimidation to discourage conservatives from exercising their right to assemble. Those who ⁤protested against⁤ election irregularities and ​censorship have​ been harshly punished, with many peaceful protesters being unfairly labeled as rioters. The federal government has targeted conservatives, including pro-life activists‌ and traditional Catholic ​communities. The American people have been silenced and coerced into compliance, resulting in a sense of hopelessness among conservatives.

A recent poll conducted by Harvard Harris revealed that 80 percent ⁣of‌ GOP voters believe the⁢ country is heading in the wrong direction. Additionally, millions of Americans are struggling to meet their household expenses,‍ particularly those in the middle class. The situation may seem dire, but it is crucial to remember ⁤the importance of bravery and ‍self-sacrifice in defending our nation against destructive forces. As Abascal eloquently stated, our actions today can pave the way for future generations to ⁣achieve victory.

Spain Understands The ​Stakes

Spain has firsthand experience with the perils of communism. The ⁣communist regime in Spain during the 1930s resulted in the persecution and execution of religious individuals, intellectuals, and conservatives. The ‌wounds inflicted by Spanish communists are still fresh, which is why Spain implemented a law that promotes a pro-leftist view ⁣of history, effectively ‍eradicating academic freedom and freedom of expression. Spanish leftists employ fear tactics and a two-tier justice system to suppress dissent. The ongoing protests in Spain serve as a reminder of the dangers of totalitarian control.

In⁤ America, we may not have experienced ‌the same atrocities, but‌ we can​ draw inspiration from the resilience of conservative freedom fighters in Spain. We must not resign ourselves to failure or allow fear to silence us. The consequences of inaction could lead to the complete destruction of our nation.


What ⁢role have⁢ protests historically played in bringing about ⁤social and political reforms?

Are living in fear of expressing⁤ their dissenting opinions.

It is clear that the right to protest is a fundamental aspect of ⁣any democratic society. It allows citizens to voice their concerns, hold their government accountable, ​and advocate⁢ for⁣ change. Throughout history, protests have played a significant role in bringing about social and ‌political reforms.

In the case of Spain, the protests have effectively drawn attention to the unconstitutional actions of ⁤the government and the threat it poses to the nation. It has⁤ created pressure on the socialist government to reconsider its amnesty ‌deal and⁢ address the concerns of its citizens. The power of these demonstrations lies ‌in their numbers and their persistence.

Americans must take ‌note⁢ and ‌learn from the Spanish​ protesters.‌ The challenges they face are not unique to Spain.⁤ The erosion of freedom of speech, the abuse of power⁣ by the government, and the neglect of⁣ border security are issues that Americans also grapple ⁤with.‌ It is crucial for conservatives in America to raise their voices, organize peaceful ‍demonstrations, and demand change.

However, it ⁣is essential‍ to emphasize ⁣the importance of peaceful protests. Violence⁤ and destruction⁢ only undermine the legitimacy⁤ of the cause and give ammunition to those who ‌seek to silence dissent. It is through peaceful and‍ lawful protests that lasting change‍ can be achieved.

In conclusion, the ongoing protests in Spain ‌serve as a reminder of ⁤the‍ power of the people to ​influence their government and protect their rights. Americans should look to these demonstrations as inspiration to exercise their right to⁢ assemble⁢ and voice their concerns. By doing so, they can ensure that their voices are heard and that their government remains accountable. It is time for​ conservatives‌ in America to unite and stand up for​ their values, just as‌ the ‍Spanish protesters have done. Only through peaceful and persistent activism ‍can change be achieved.

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