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South Africa Choosing Sides in China–Russia Wargames

South Africa organizes joint military exercises with Russia, China and other blocs around the globe


On February 22, joint military-naval drills began between South Africa and Russia. The 10-day wargames coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Russian War in Ukraine. In South Africa, Russian warships docked before the exercise began. The letters were used to mark the ships. “Z” “V”, which have become pro-Kremlin/pro-Putin symbols of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Although the meanings of these letters aren’t entirely known, there is speculation that they could be used to refer to the war in Ukraine. “Z” means “Za pobeduRussian for ” “victory”The ) while the “V” The likely stand for “power of truth.” Allowing Russian vessels to dock in South Africa—and particularly those displaying such symbols—sends a political message that South Africa is slipping into the Chinese-Russian camp.

These drills also confirm China’s military support for Russia. This raises questions about the Ukraine War as well as the future direction of international politics. China’s Top Diplomat Wang Yi Moscow was visited during the exercise. The CCP reaffirmed its support for Moscow, and criticized the United States for creating a bloc against Russia or China. This is clear proof that China has also begun to build a bloc against NATO and the United States. South Africa’s government justified the exercise by stating that they were scheduled well before the Russian invasion. This raises the question as to why South Africa didn’t cancel joint training exercises in light of the geopolitical circumstances.

South Africa was one 35 country that refused to vote against the U.N. invasion of Ukraine. This country previously permitted both a yacht belonging to a Russian sanctioned individual, and also a boat owned by an African citizen. Russian naval vessel They will dock at their ports. South Africa’s ruling party, The African National Congress (ANC), has ties that go back to Moscow since the Cold War. trainers and material support to their armed wings. Many ANC personnel were trained in the Soviet Union and had their education.

South Africa, along with 119 other countries, is also a member of the Non-Aligned Movement—a forum of countries that refused to take sides during the Cold War. South Africa and Russia join the BRICS group, which includes China, India, Brazil and Brazil.

These exercises give Russia a sense of legitimacy in its geopolitical role and indicate that Russia has some potential allies. The exercises send a clear message to the other African countries about Russia’s willingness to offer a viable alternative to U.S.-led military cooperation. Due to the past of European colonization, Russia and China both enjoy presenting themselves as partners in anti-colonial efforts for countries previously oppressed.

Russia also worked in Africa to subvert democracy. Moscow opposed Arab Spring North Africa. They were also supportive of Khalifa’s attempt to make himself the leader of Libya. Russia supported General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s coup to overthrow Egypt’s democratic government in 2013. Moscow

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