‘Sound Of Freedom’ rules in 18 Latin American nations.

“Sound of Freedom” Dominates Box Office ⁣in Latin America

The highly anticipated film, “Sound of⁣ Freedom,” has taken the ⁢Latin American box office by storm. Since its release on August 31, the movie has⁢ soared to the number one spot in 18 ‍countries across the region.

Directed by Alejandro⁤ Monteverde and led by Jim ⁣Caviezel, the film‌ tackles the harrowing‌ issue of human trafficking. It has captivated audiences, attracting nearly ​two million viewers from‍ Mexico City to Caracas during​ its opening weekend.

Produced by Angel Studios, the same studio behind ‌the popular faith-based television series‌ “The Chosen,” “Sound of Freedom” has exceeded expectations both domestically and internationally.

Jared Geesey, Chief Distribution Officer at Angel Studios, expressed his gratitude⁣ to the fans for proving industry experts ⁣wrong. He stated,​ “We’re grateful ⁤to our fans for making us the number one movie⁣ in Latin America. We’re seeing packed theaters, standing ovations, widespread enthusiasm, and strong word-of-mouth from Buenos Aires ⁤to Mexico City to ⁤Bogota to Caracas, ‌Lima, and beyond.”

The film’s success‍ in ‌Latin America has​ been remarkable, surpassing ⁣the goal of reaching 2 million advance ticket ⁢sales in just four days. Geesey added, “This film is fast-becoming a global movement for ‍change.”

Notably, “Sound of‌ Freedom” has also achieved significant success ‌in⁣ New Zealand ​and Australia, ⁤where it claimed the number one and number​ two spots,⁢ respectively, ‍on opening weekend.

Described as the sleeper hit of the summer, the film continues to⁣ captivate audiences worldwide. It‍ remains in over 2,000 theaters since its release on July 4​ and has earned an⁢ impressive $181,967,046 as of September 3, according to Box‍ Office ⁣Mojo.

In ​this true story-based film, Jim Caviezel portrays Tim Ballard, a federal agent‍ who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue a young girl from sex slavery in South⁣ America.

The success of “Sound of ⁤Freedom” has prompted​ its global release, with screenings scheduled in Latin American countries, the U.K., and Ireland between⁤ August and October.

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