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Soros-backed group: Hands off Hamas

Think Tank Urges Biden for a Stronger Ceasefire to ‌Empower ‌Hamas

Patrick Gaspard ‍(Riccardo Savi/Getty Images), ⁣Biden (Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images)

The Center for American ⁣Progress (CAP) president, Patrick Gaspard, notorious for his praise of an anti-Semitic black nationalist who referred to Hitler as “the greatest white man,” is leading the charge to persuade President Joe Biden to secure a⁣ “robust ceasefire” in Israel.

Gaspard ‍recently published an article accusing Biden of providing Israel with “a blank check for collective punishment that brutalizes innocent civilians” and called ⁢on the president ⁤to “urge an immediate ⁢humanitarian​ ceasefire.” ‍When Israel’s government approved a deal with Hamas to release 50 women and‌ children hostages in Gaza in exchange for a four-day pause in fighting,⁤ Gaspard praised⁣ the deal as “vital” but expressed disappointment ‍that it didn’t go further.

In a statement on Tuesday, Gaspard said,‍ “President Biden and Secretary [of State Antony] ⁣ Blinken can build ⁣on this progress to urge a ‌more robust ceasefire to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.”

Gaspard’s push for an Israeli ceasefire that would allow Hamas to regroup and launch​ further terror attacks against the Jewish state follows his controversial praise for an anti-Semitic black nationalist.

Before joining CAP, Gaspard served as president of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He criticized former President Bill‌ Clinton⁤ for condemning Stokely Carmichael ​at civil ⁤rights leader John Lewis’s 2020 funeral. Carmichael, in the 1960s, expelled whites⁤ from his organization, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and even praised Hitler as the “greatest white man.” Gaspard defended Carmichael as someone who “gave all for us.”

CAP has not responded to requests for comment. Gaspard assumed the role of CAP president‌ in June 2021, following his⁣ involvement in the⁣ Obama⁣ administration, the Democratic National Committee, and Soros’s grant-making network, which has provided significant funding to CAP.

While Gaspard is not the only⁣ liberal figure calling for‍ an Israeli ⁢ceasefire—anti-Semitic members of Congress like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) have ‍also ‍made similar demands—his think tank holds considerable influence over the Biden administration.

Biden initially⁤ nominated ⁣CAP’s former president,⁢ Neera Tanden, to lead the Office of Management and‍ Budget. However, Tanden withdrew her nomination due to criticism in the Senate over ‌past tweets criticizing Republicans. Tanden later replaced Susan Rice as head of Biden’s Domestic Policy Office.

Last year, Biden appointed former CAP official Nina Hachigian to serve in the State Department as a special representative for subnational diplomacy, a role aimed at countering China. ⁢However, Hachigian joined officials from ‌a Chinese Communist Party-backed foundation on a trip⁢ to Beijing​ while at CAP. CAP and ⁢the foundation subsequently released a joint report advocating for “exchanges of military personnel” between the U.S. military and the People’s Liberation Army.

CAP has sent numerous staff members to the Biden administration, prompting a ⁤senior vice⁢ president at​ the think tank to express frustration in a 2021 email exchange that the administration keeps taking their ‌talented individuals.

What is the “new model of ⁣engagement” being advocated for between the U.S. and China in the report?

Engagement-and-cooperation/” ⁢target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>report advocating for a ​”new model of engagement” between the U.S. and China.

The Center for American ⁣Progress has been criticized in the past for ‍its anti-Israel bias. In ‌2020, it published an article‌ accusing Israel of committing war ⁤crimes and calling on the U.S. government to “end its military aid to Israel.” The article also referred to​ Hamas⁤ as a “political and⁤ militant force” rather than a terrorist organization.

Regarding Gaspard’s⁢ push for a‍ stronger ceasefire, it is crucial ​to consider⁣ the potential consequences ​of empowering Hamas. Hamas is ‌a terrorist organization ‌that has been responsible for countless⁢ attacks⁤ against Israeli civilians. It has fired thousands of rockets into Israeli territory and uses civilian infrastructure, such as schools ​and⁣ hospitals, to launch these attacks.

A ceasefire⁣ that allows Hamas to regroup and rearm ​would pose a significant threat to Israel’s security.‌ It ​would provide Hamas with the opportunity to replenish its weapons stockpile, improve its ‌military capabilities, and plan future attacks against⁤ Israeli civilians.

The Israeli government has‌ the right to defend its citizens ‌from terrorist attacks, and the U.S. should ‌support Israel’s efforts to safeguard its people. Instead of pressuring Israel to agree to a ‍ceasefire that would benefit Hamas, the Biden administration ‌should focus⁣ on addressing the root causes of the conflict‍ and supporting Israel’s right to self-defense.

The ongoing conflict ​between Israel and Hamas is a complex issue that cannot be simplified into a one-sided narrative. It is essential to consider ‍the actions of ⁣both parties ⁢and their intentions. Hamas’s goal is the destruction of the State of ‌Israel, as stated in its charter. Israel, on the ‍other hand,⁢ seeks to protect its ⁢citizens and ensure‍ their safety from terrorist ⁤attacks.

In conclusion, the Center for American ‍⁣Progress’s push for a stronger ceasefire to empower Hamas is misguided and ignores the terrorist nature of the organization. Instead of pressuring Israel to‍ agree ⁤to a ceasefire ‍that would benefit Hamas, the Biden administration⁤ should prioritize Israel’s right to self-defense and work towards a long-term solution that addresses the root​ causes of the ‍conflict.

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