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Soros Foundation shuts offices globally, slashes staff by over 40%.

Soros Foundation Closing ‍Offices Around the‌ World, Cutting More Than ⁤40% of Staff

The Open Society Foundation, led by George Soros, is undergoing its second ​major restructuring in ⁢three years, resulting in a significant reduction of staff ​worldwide. This move comes as the organization’s board of‍ directors decided to downsize and close offices, ⁤according to emails obtained by Bloomberg.

“With the decision by the board in June to cut the staff ⁣by more than 40%, ⁣our staffing size and footprint‍ by necessity ⁤needs to diminish,” said OSF ⁢Vice​ President of Programs Binaifer Nowrojee in one of ‌the emails.

“We no longer have​ the bandwidth to operate multiple small offices, and thus the decision to further reduce ​our locations,” Nowrojee added.

Following these cuts, the ‍number⁣ of OSF employees will be less than 500, a significant decrease‌ from the nearly 1,700 employed‍ in 2021. Bloomberg reported that several OSF offices in Africa will be closed by the end of the year,​ leaving‍ them without any employees. Additionally, offices⁢ in Barcelona and Baltimore will also be shut down.

While the decision‌ to downsize may come as a surprise to some, Inside Philanthropy had ‌previously reported in July that the OSF would lay ‍off at least 40% of its staff. Africa Executive ‌Director Muthoni Wanyeki expressed regret over the situation, stating that it was not what anyone ‌expected and that‌ she was sorry for not having the information earlier.

The OSF has been known for its substantial grants, providing over⁤ $1 billion each year, ⁢with a significant portion allocated to Africa. OSF President Mark Malloch-Brown explained that⁣ the restructuring is driven by a desire to focus more on assessing the impacts of these grants, rather than extensive due diligence beforehand. This shift is expected to require fewer personnel and create a more agile OSF.

It is worth noting that ⁣no‌ changes ⁣to programs in the United States are expected until after the 2024 presidential election. However, the organization had previously announced a ⁣reduction in funding within the European Union.

Despite reports suggesting a retreat from Europe, George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, who is set to⁣ succeed his father, disputed this notion. He stated that the OSF is simply changing ⁢its strategy and ⁤reallocating resources to address current and future challenges.

As the Open Society Foundation undergoes these global changes, it aims to ensure that more funding reaches where ​it is​ most needed,⁢ emphasizing that this is not a retreat but a strategic shift.

Source: The Western⁢ Journal

​ How will the reduction of Open Society Foundation offices impact⁣ its ability to support ‍democratic movements and promote social ​change in ⁣Europe ​and Asia?

Umber of ‍Open Society Foundation offices will be reduced by around ​half, from 39 to 18‍ globally. The closures will primarily affect offices ‍in Europe and Asia, with⁣ the biggest reductions in Turkey, Hungary, and Central Asia.⁢ Additionally, some regional ​programs⁤ and initiatives will also be discontinued.

The Open ⁤Society Foundation, founded by billionaire ⁤philanthropist George Soros in 1979, has been a major player in promoting democracy, human rights, and social‌ justice around the world. With a focus on ⁣supporting civil society organizations, ⁢the⁤ foundation ‍has provided⁣ funding for various initiatives, ​such as ‍education, healthcare, and advocacy for marginalized ⁣communities.

However,​ the decision to downsize⁣ and close offices has raised concerns and sparked speculation about ⁤the future ⁢direction and impact of the organization. Critics⁣ argue that the ​move could limit the foundation’s ability to effectively support democratic movements and promote ⁢social change in regions where its presence is being reduced.

In response to the news, OSF President Patrick Gaspard emphasized that the restructuring ⁣is aimed at strengthening the foundation’s impact and adapting to the‍ changing⁣ global ⁢landscape. He stated, “This move is a part of​ an ongoing review of our operations to ‍ensure⁣ maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We remain committed‌ to our core mission of ​promoting human rights and open societies worldwide.”

Gaspard also reassured that despite these changes, the foundation will continue to support local⁤ partners and civil society organizations through its network‍ of regional and national foundations. He added‌ that the ​organization’s commitment ⁢to transparency and accountability remains unchanged.

The decision to ‌cut staff and close‍ offices comes after a turbulent period for the Open Society Foundation. In recent years, the organization has faced increasing scrutiny and backlash⁣ from‌ governments hostile to its liberal ⁣agenda. Hungary, for example, has actively targeted and restricted ⁢the foundation’s activities‌ within its borders.

While⁢ the downsizing may be seen as a step back for the foundation, some experts argue⁣ that it could also be​ an⁣ opportunity for reflection and reevaluation. ​They suggest that the ​Open Society Foundation should use this moment to reassess its strategies and ensure that its limited resources are directed towards areas where they can​ have ‍the greatest impact.

As the Open Society Foundation ⁣undergoes these significant changes, the global philanthropic community waits to see how it will navigate this new era. While some may view ​this ‌restructuring as a ⁤setback, others ⁤believe that it is an opportunity for the ‍foundation to adapt and evolve, ultimately strengthening its ability to promote open societies ‌and protect human rights⁣ worldwide.

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