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Soros Briefly Malfunctions During Speech

Billionaire of the Left-Wing George Soros At the Munich Security Conference, it appeared that there was a strange meltdown in Climate Change.

Soros seemed to be stuck while reading about the impacts of global climate change. It was almost as if he was a malfunctioning robot.

You’ll go to hell if you laugh!


Here’s what Soros tried to communicate:

“Our civilization is in danger of collapsing because of the inexorable advance of climate change,” The billionaire . “The climate system is broken, and it needs to be repaired. That’s the main message I’d like to convey this evening.”

“The message is urgent because we are dangerously close to breaching the 1.5-degree limit set in the Paris Agreement in 2015,” Soros. “We are already at 1.2 degrees, and if we maintain our current course, global warming will reach more than 2.5 degrees around 2070.”

So Soros believes that we cannot afford it because we will then have crossed almost a point of no return; this sounds like need to pay more taxes to help the weather get better…

“That would take us past several tipping points such as the melting of the Arctic permafrost. Once that happens, the amount of money needed to re-stabilize or repair the climate system grows exponentially,” The billionaire warned. “The accelerating pace of climate change will also cause large-scale migration for which the world is ill prepared.”

Soros suggested that experimental solar technology could be used to stop the Arctic melting. This is achieved by spraying aerosol into stratosphere in order to reflect sunlight off the earth’s surface.

“Unless we change the way we deal with climate change, our civilization will be thoroughly disrupted by rising temperatures that will make large parts of the world practically unlivable,” Soros argued.

He said that it was urgent. “reorient our international financial institutions, particularly the World Bank, to focus on climate change.”

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