Social Security update: Second of March’s double direct payments worth $914 arrives in 11 days

Beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income can expect to receive their second payment as part of March’s double payments in 11 days. The payment will be delivered on Friday instead of April’s payment, which will not be made on April 1st due to it being a Saturday this year. The first payment of $914 was sent out on March 1 and eligible recipients will receive another payment of the same amount, making it a total of $1,828 for March.

Couples who qualify will receive two payments of $1,371, and eligible individuals providing necessary care to SSI recipients will receive two payments of $458 each in March. Recipients usually receive one monthly SSI check, disbursed on the first of the month, but if the first day of the month is a holiday or weekend, the check is released on the last business day of the previous month. This ensures the recipients have the check by the first of the month, according to Social Security Administration.

While SSI recipients receive two checks in the same calendar month multiple times a year, they still receive a total of 12 payments per year. Two more months, June and September, will follow the same payment schedule as March, along with December, which sees two checks every year due to Jan. 1st being a national holiday.

According to the Social Security Administration, SSI payments were initiated in January 1974, and payment rates have been increasing each year since 1975 for cost-of-living adjustments. The supplemental payments are separate from the retirement payments received by retirees each month.

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