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Social Security update: $914 direct payment in 15 days.

Recipients of the Social Security Administration’s Supplemental Security Income Program to Receive Second June Payment

In just over two weeks, recipients of the Social Security Administration’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program will receive their second June payment. This payment, worth up to $914 for individual filers, will be sent out on Friday, June 30. It follows the initial payment that was sent on June first.

Variation in Payment Amounts

There is some variation in the amount of money beneficiaries receive, depending on their filing status. Individuals filing individually receive $914 every month, eligible couples receive ,371, and essential persons, who live with SSI recipients and provide necessary care, receive a monthly payment of $458, according to the SSA.

What is the SSI Program?

The SSI program provides monthly payments to adults and children with blindness or another disability and limited income. These payments are given in addition to regular Social Security benefits that go out to retirees.

Qualifying for SSI

To qualify for SSI, a person must be over 65, be at least partially blind, or have a physical or mental condition that seriously limits their daily activities for a period of 12 months or more, or may be expected to result in death.

Double Payment in June

The reason for the double payment in June is due to a quirk in the Social Security Administration’s schedule. When the first of the following month falls on a weekend, recipients receive two checks in the current month. In this case, the second payment for June is taking the place of July’s payment because July 1 falls on a Saturday this year.

Ensuring 12 Payments per Year

The adjusted schedule ensures that beneficiaries still receive 12 checks per year. In some months, they receive two checks, while in others, they receive none. This year, there are four months in which two payments will be delivered in the same month: March, June, September, and December. This is because the first of the month falls on a weekend in April, July, and October, and January 1 is always a holiday.

SSI payments were first issued by the SSA in January 1974, and payment rates have increased for cost-of-living adjustments since 1975, according to the agency.

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