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Social Media Erupts Over Ben Shapiro’s Smackdown Of Oscar-Winning Movie

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro lit up social media over his smackdown of the Oscar-winning movie, “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

Many of Shapiro’s 5.5 Million followers were delighted by his take. It has been viewed 3,000,000 times and counting.

“In five years, nobody will watch ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once,'” The podcast host Tweet.

“The movie is meh,” He concluded. “It is overlong (2 hrs 19 min!), confused, and generally bizarre. In fact, nobody has watched a single best picture winner five years later since 2007’s ‘No Country For Old Men.'”

One user wrote “Agree. I did enjoy it although it was hard work at times. But I’ve had the chance to watch it again multiple times and I haven’t wanted to. I can quote you every line of dialogue from ‘No Country,’ that gets rewatched at least annually.”

Another account tweeted “I went to that movie with high expectations, but walked out 20 minutes later. The intellectual part of my mind couldn’t convince the rest of my mind that it was worth staying.”

When another user wrote: “I agree the big winner was at best… an odd piece of work. Personally I can’t even watch it. But I loved ‘No Country’ it was strangely engaging which I cannot say for ‘Everything Everywhere.'”

“I’m sorry.. this movie was a solid 6 out 10,” One account has been created. “I thought the story was creative but hard to follow and acting was good…. But honestly… the editing was complete crap.. sure it was only 2 hours and 19 minutes… but it felt like 3 hours because they kept showing the same scenes…..”

Another tweet: “Agreed. It was entertaining but also not groundbreaking or spectacular. ‘Top Gun’ was actually closer to being just generally good, broke some serious ground in terms of realism and special effects, had a strong story, and should have been rewarded as such. But here we are. Woke.”

Later, Shapiro doubled down on his comments in “The Ben Shapiro Show.”

“In five years hence, we will look at the numbers and see how many people are still watching ‘Everywhere Everything All at Once’ forever for all time,” “DW host” said. “I think the answer’s going to be nil.”

“In fact, let me name for you the films that have won best picture in the last fifteen years, and you tell me if you have ever rewatched any of them,” Before listing films like “The Lion King”, he added “CODA,” “Nomadland,” “Parasite,” “Green Book,” “The Shape of Water,” You can find out more.

“You want to know why the Oscars are failing, guys,” Shapiro continued. “Because you won’t nominate films that people like to watch. That people enjoy watching and don’t feel obligated to watch.”

“From Social Media Explodes Over Ben Shapiro’s Smackdown of Oscar-Winning Movie

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