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Over $500,000 in jewelry stolen by smash-and-grab robbers in Pasadena.

Thieves Steal Over Half a Million Dollars in Jewelry in Daring Pasadena Robbery

In a shocking incident ⁣that has left ⁤the Pasadena community stunned, a group of daring ‍thieves managed to escape with more ⁣than $500,000 worth of jewelry from Jewels on Lake, a popular jewelry store located at 415 S. Lake ​Ave. The incident took place on ⁢August 29⁤ at around 1:45 p.m., according to Pasadena Police Lt. Monica Cuellar.

“The owner was escorting a client ​outside ​the store when a group of three males forced ​their ​way into‍ the store, proceeded to‌ smash jewelry display cases with hammers, and fled the store with more than $500,000 worth ‍of jewelry,” she said.

The brazen criminals even went as far as pepper-spraying the⁤ store owner during their ‍escape. The owner, Sam Babikian, recounted the terrifying ordeal to KTLA5, saying, “As soon as I opened the door, I⁣ got pepper sprayed right in my eye,⁤ my throat, my mouth. I couldn’t see anything. ​Then [all] I could hear was smashing and grabbing.”

Despite the chaos, Babikian managed to find a hidden panic button inside the shop‌ and alert the police. However, the damage had already been done. It is estimated that between $650,000 to ⁢$750,000 worth of jewelry was stolen during the break-in.

“Most of my merchandise is gone,” Babikian lamented. “Most of the showcases are empty. This one hurts. I’m very grateful they⁣ did ⁤not ⁢harm me, they did not fight. Thank god that nothing happened​ to ‌me and‌ I’m still alive.”

Authorities are⁣ currently investigating the incident and are collaborating with other agencies to gather information ‌on similar crimes. They ⁣believe there may have been a fourth ‌suspect acting as ⁢the getaway driver in a dark-colored sedan.

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Anyone ⁣with information about the crime is urged to contact the Pasadena Police⁣ at 626-744-4241 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. Anonymous tips can ‍also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website.

This incident‍ serves ‌as a stark reminder‌ of the risks faced by businesses and the importance of remaining vigilant in the face of such threats. As the ⁣investigation continues, the Pasadena community stands in solidarity with Sam Babikian and hopes for a swift resolution to this shocking crime.

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