Skunk on the Loose in the Stands at Cleveland Browns Game


The Cleveland Browns stink and now their stadium does too (or soon will). In the third quarter of Cleveland’s home game with Tampa Bay, a skunk got loose in the stands. It only took till late November, but finally Browns fans were able to witness some excitement inside of First Energy Stadium on a Sunday.

I’m not sure there’s ever been a more fitting professional sports team to house an in-game skunk in their stands. You could make the argument that this is actually a message from the football Gods telling Cleveland to go all-in and change their team nickname to the “Skunks.”

Despite the stinky situation in section 144, the teams have continued to play on while fans in the area wasted little time scattering about.

A skunk was loose during the third quarter of the Cleveland Browns game Sunday.

Add The Skunk To The Lists Of Cleveland Browns Problems

Senior Skunk’s post-halftime appearance can be added to the list of bizarre things to happen in and around the Browns’ home field. Earlier this week someone broke into the stadium and used a Ford F-150 to do donuts on the playing surface. The damage was still visible prior to the Bucs and Browns kicking off.

And because nothing in Cleveland is ever normal, Browns superstar Myles Garrett showed up to today’s game in a dinosuit. What’s a dinosuit, you ask? Well, it’s basically exactly as it seems – a suit stitched full of dinosaurs. Basically a kindergartener’s dream outfit for picture day.

Cleveland currently trails the Buccaneers in the early stages of the fourth quarter. The Browns entered Sunday 3-7, ensuring they would stink up the joint with or without an uninvited skunk.

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