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Guitarist praises Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra for uplifting experience.

Composer Inspired⁣ by Shen​ Yun Symphony Orchestra’s⁢ Unique Blend of Cultures

NEW YORK—Renowned composer and ​guitarist Spiros ⁣Exaras has always‌ been captivated by the enchanting sounds of the ancient ​Chinese instrument erhu. However, it ⁤was‌ during a Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra ⁢concert at David Geffen Hall that he found himself‍ truly inspired to create something⁣ of his own for this ‍remarkable ‌instrument.

“It’s like⁣ a scene from a​ movie,” ⁣he exclaimed,​ describing the⁢ orchestra’s performance. Accompanied by journalist Yana Katsageorgi, Mr.‍ Exaras, who‌ has ‍collaborated ​with numerous European orchestras and Grammy award-winning artists, including Mariah Carey, was⁢ in awe of the orchestra’s ability to evoke powerful emotions and transport ⁢the ⁣audience through time.

“It lifts you up,” Mr. Exaras added.​ “It has strong emotions, and it really, you know, it travels. Actually, at some point it [transported] me back to the ages. Then, it got ‍me back to‍ today’s ​world.”

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The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, based in New York,⁣ stands ‌out as the ‌only orchestra in the world that seamlessly combines ancient Chinese⁣ instruments‍ with a Western classical orchestra.

The ‌highlight of the concert‌ was the original compositions by Shen Yun Performing Arts’ in-house composers, which skillfully integrated ancient‌ Chinese melodies and instruments ‍with the grandeur of⁢ a full orchestra.

“It’s fascinating to witness the harmonious blend of ⁤cultures,” Mr. Exaras remarked. ⁤”Creating something truly captivating ⁢requires mastery, as it’s easy for it to become unpleasant if not done carefully.”

Describing the⁤ Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra‍ as “beautiful” and “stunning,” Mr. Exaras ⁢was not the only one moved by‌ the music. ⁢Ms. Katsageorgi ​also expressed‌ how uplifted ⁤she felt.

“It lifts ⁤me up. It’s very‍ spiritual music,” she shared. ⁤She explained that while it wasn’t religious​ music, it carried a profound sense of spirituality. “It relaxes you and‌ it’s extremely​ alive for me.”

With reporting‌ by Frank Liang

The ​Epoch Times is⁤ a proud sponsor of ‍ Shen Yun⁣ Performing ⁤Arts.‍ We have ⁤covered audience reactions since Shen Yun’s inception in 2006.

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  • Exaras,‌ who is of Greek heritage, was deeply impressed by⁤ the way Shen‌ ⁤Yun Symphony Orchestra incorporated traditional Chinese elements with Western ⁣classical music. The seamless integration of the two cultural worlds created a ⁤unique and enthralling experience ‍for both ⁤the performers and the audience.

    “Normally, you have orchestras that either ⁢play Western music or Chinese music,” Mr. Exaras ⁢observed. “But this [orchestra] ‍ brings‍ them both together, and it’s not an easy thing to ‍do.”

    Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra achieves this fusion ‌by combining ancient Chinese instruments, such as⁣ the erhu and the pipa, with a full Western orchestra. The result⁤ is a‌ harmonious confluence of East and West, showcasing ⁤the beauty⁢ of both traditions while ⁤also creating something entirely new ⁣and captivating.

    For Exaras, this unique blend of ​cultures presented an opportunity to‍ explore new musical horizons. Inspired by the erhu’s haunting melodies, he set⁢ out to compose a piece that would ⁤bring together⁣ diverse musical traditions and invoke a sense of unity and harmony.

    In his⁢ own words, Mr.‍ Exaras described his composition process, saying,⁣ “In music, it’s very interesting because you can touch a lot of ‌people without speaking⁢ a word. This is the beauty ⁤of it. And bringing different worlds together in music—it’s⁤ beautiful.”

    Exaras’ experience with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has not only inspired him as an artist ‍but has also deepened his appreciation for the power of music​ to bridge cultural ​gaps and create a‍ sense of shared humanity.

    “It’s beautiful to have all these ‍different cultures‍ together, and forget about where we come from,” he reflected. “We have some beauty in⁣ common,​ and this is beautiful.”

    As an accomplished musician and composer, Spiros ⁣Exaras ​understands the importance of cultural exchange and artistic collaboration in promoting understanding and harmony amongst diverse⁢ communities.⁢ The Shen‌ Yun Symphony Orchestra’s ability to blend cultures and create a transcendent musical experience is a testament‍ to the universal language of music.

    Through powerful performances and the integration of diverse musical traditions, the orchestra serves as a⁤ bridge that connects people from all ‍walks of⁢ life, reminding ‌us of ‍our shared humanity and‍ the beauty of cultural diversity.

    Mr. Exaras⁢ sums ‌up his experience with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra by saying, “I’ve ⁣never seen anything like it before.”

    Indeed, the unique blend of cultures and⁢ the mesmerizing‌ performances of ‍the Shen‌ Yun Symphony Orchestra continue to inspire and captivate ⁣artists and audiences around the world.

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