Shapiro: Joe Biden Is An ‘Aspiring Tyrant,’ ‘Brutal Failure Of A President’


Ben Shapiro, co-founder and editor emeritus of The Daily Wire, put forward an alternate version of President Joe Biden’s first year in office after the commander-in-chief hailed his tenure thus far in his “State of the Union” address on Tuesday night.

Shapiro delivered “The Real State of the Union” address after Biden’s speech, ripping the elderly commander-in-chief as an “aspiring tyrant” held back by the United States’ constitutional foundations. Shapiro said:

Joe Biden promised America unity when he entered office. Instead, he labeled his fellow Americans enemies.

He encouraged businesses to bar the unvaccinated – even those with natural immunity – from public spaces. Then he sought to have them fired from their jobs en masse, in the single largest executive overreach in modern American history.

Joe Biden treated political dissenters as scum of the earth. Biden said those who didn’t agree with his plans to federalize voting procedures were aligned with Jim Crow and the Confederacy. Biden’s Justice Department cracked down on parents after being encouraged to do so by the National School Boards Association, which encouraged the DOJ to treat parents as domestic terrorists for opposing the indoctrination of their children into radical gender and race theory, for simply wanting to determine how their kids were educated. Joe Biden’s administration slurred traditionally moral Americans as retrograde bigots for the great sin of believing that men are men and women are women. Joe Biden’s White House encouraged social media to shut down critics for “misinformation” – and defined “misinformation” as anything the White House didn’t like. And then he and his lackeys said he was doing this in defense of The Science.

As it turns out, Joe Biden is not merely a brutal failure of a president. He is an aspiring tyrant, held back only by the strength of our constitutional structure – a structure he now wishes to overthrow by trashing the filibuster, issuing unconstitutional executive orders, and at least threatening to pack the Supreme Court.

Shapiro went on to accuse Biden of making “lie after lie after lie” about his administration’s successes and his agenda. Shapiro said:

Tonight, Joe Biden lied and lied and lied again to you.

For example, Joe Biden told you tonight that his plan to fight inflation will “lower your costs and lower the deficit.” He said he would lower inflation by pouring more cash into the economy – on top of the trillions he has already spent, while we are $30 trillion in debt. That is an insane lie. Build Back Better would, according to the Congressional Budget Office, increase the federal budget deficit by $3 trillion over the next 10 years if all Biden’s proposed temporary programs became permanent, which is what he wants.  And pouring the gasoline of government spending onto the raging fire of inflation is a perfect way to increase costs. Only a fool would propose it. Maybe that’s why Joe Biden was telling you until the last five minutes that inflation would be temporary.

And Joe Biden told you that his American Rescue Plan – his massive boondoggle stimulus plan – “created jobs. Lots of jobs.” He said he created 6.5 million jobs. That is another lie. There is no evidence Biden’s spending produced one job. Nonpartisan projections for job growth in 2021, not including that American Rescue Plan, showed higher job growth than Biden produced.

Joe Biden said “we prepared extensively” for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That was untrue. We were manifestly unprepared. We reacted, as the rest of the world did and should have. But had Joe Biden been prepared, perhaps he could have helped deter Russia’s invasion rather than encouraging Vladimir Putin’s miscalculation.

Joe Biden also told you tonight that “corporations and the wealthiest Americans” aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. That, again, is a lie. The highest-income Americans pay nearly all net income taxes, after government benefits, in the United States. Joe Biden said that inflation could be blamed on “exploitation” by corporations – another lie. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. Corporations didn’t get more greedy last year. Joe Biden just became president.

And Joe Biden said that “we will never just accept living with COVID-19.” Another lie. Most Americans have been living free since vaccines became available. Only Democratic panic-mongering has prevented more Americans from doing the same, not COVID itself.

Joe Biden said tonight that the right to vote is under assault: another lie. Widespread voter suppression is not an issue in the United States. Joe Biden simply means he wants to rig the voting rules the way he prefers.

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