Sen. Kennedy: U.S. has ‘idiot control problem,’ not gun control problem

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US Senator John Kennedy, Republican of Louisiana. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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UPDATED 12:45 PM PT – Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy (R) stood up for the Second Amendment as Democrats called for more gun control. On Tuesday, Kennedy spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill and said we should enforce existing laws to keep firearms out of the hands of the wrong people.

His comments came as the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on gun violence in the wake of the Colorado shooting. Even though the investigation is still ongoing, Democrats have already called for more gun restrictions.

Kennedy also slammed bills that are framed as a way to address violence, but really chip away at the Constitution.

“And I’m going to go back to my original point, I don’t believe we have a gun control problem in America,” Sen. Kennedy noted. “I believe we have an idiot control problem. And the objective should be to how to control the idiots who abuse guns.”

Kennedy said when someone breaks the law and illegally obtains a gun, that individual should be prosecuted. He added the DOJ doesn’t do that.

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