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SEE IT: Elon Musk sets emoji as Twitter’s auto-response to press emails

On Sunday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk declared that all press requests to Twitter’s company press department email, “[email protected],” will receive one auto-response: the poop emoji.

Musk’s tweet announced the decision of using the brief response for any future journalist requests sent to the company’s email.

The inquiry from the Washington Examiner for a story by email resulted in the emoji with no accompanying message, as promised by Musk.

Musk had promised to open up free speech when taking over Twitter and even released company communications known as the “Twitter Files” that detailed government pressure on company executives to censor, as well as the company’s controversial procedures for the moderation and suppression of social media accounts.

The lack of coverage by news outlets, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, concerning Musk’s “Twitter Files” revelations motivated the tech billionaire’s criticism of the media.

The new auto-reply by Musk to journalists’ emails contains only a poop emoji, provoking reactions on social media with some users cheering the action.

Last summer, Musk’s growing rift with the media reached its peak when he complained in a tweet about the attention he received from “trivial articles.”

“No special treatment for corpo journalists anymore,” tweeted Musk when he suspended several high-profile reporters last December related to the tracking of his private jet, later reinstating their accounts.

Some users referred to the tech billionaire’s move as that of a master troll.

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