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Scotland Shortly Rebrands Pedophiles “Minor Attracted Persons”

Authorities in Scotland can’t seem to stop getting themselves into trouble when it comes to wrestling with issues involving gender and sex offenders. First, they passed Gender Recognition Reform Act was approved just days before Christmas. It makes it easier to legalize gender recognition. “change their gender” Official purposes. In a report at the end of the year, Police Scotland has referred to pedophiles. “minor-attracted persons.” (MAPs). The news was immediately met with protests From both child welfare and gay rights groups. But Chief Constable Iain Livingstone is defending the language, saying that he was only following a template set by the European Union and that the people who are offended aren’t taking the language in context.

Paedophiles being labeled as controversial is a controversial decision “Minor-Attracted People” In a top-level document has been defended Police ScotlandThis was despite the fact that the EU was at fault.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone’s annual year end report refers to child abusers as Minor-Attracted People (MAPs). This is despite campaigners’ wider concerns about what they perceive to be attempts at rebranding. paedophilia It is a normal sexual preference.

A spokesperson for the force stressed that MAPs are not a term they regularly use to describe child sex abusers.

Anyone can use this new technology. “MAPs” Language used in official capacities should be required to answer serious questions. You can read the explanation from Police Scotland and feel a little sympathy for their position. The portion of the report where the term shows up makes a specific reference to the European Union’s Horizon Europe Project – Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation. That’s the language that the EU used, so Police Scotland simply copied it from there. It also does not endorse any type of pedophilia. It’s actually intended to protect children from pedophiles.

The police also insisted that the MAPs language was not used elsewhere within the department. They refer to pedophiles still as pedophiles, even though they spell it differently “paedophiles”They do not support the attempts of pedo activists lower the age for consent. The linked report accurately points out that there are child abusers on the European continent. “trying to escape the stigma” You are attached to pedophilia. “a niche group alongside the LGBT community.”

One Scottish MP summarized the situation beautifully.

“I very much welcome the common sense approach from Police Scotland, though even in commissioning documents these euphemisms should be avoided as they mask the reality and hide the horror. The term in whatever context is baloney.”

Another MP joined the fray, explaining the dangers of “normalizing and therefore perhaps decriminalizing a serious offense”. And that’s exactly what these sick individuals are attempting to do. Lesbians and gay men should be offended that pedophiles are being included with them. Many gay rights activists have started speaking out about this. (See Gays Against Groomers For more information, please visit:

Judging by the reactions coming from so many people in the country this week, it appears that the majority of people in Scotland aren’t nearly as woke as their counterparts in many western European nations. The United States could use more people like this, as they are pushing for the same kind of engagement. “normalization” That is what the Scots are concerned about.

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