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You know folks, I spend a lot of time scouring the scientific databases, looking for the most protein dense, omega-3 fatty acid-laden, polyphenolically diverse mélange of studies that comprise the spicy jambalaya that are my regular articles, but sometimes, sometimes, I like to fire up my Samsung 36-inch gas cooktop with 22K BTU dual-power burners, strip down to my Eddie Bean red flannel shorts, heat up a cast iron skillet, throw in a can of pinto beans, mix in some diced potatoes, scrambled eggs, Trinidad scorpion peppers, beaver taint, and fermented pine needles and sauté them in a pint of Jack Daniels and cigar ashes to make the lumberjack slumgullion of nutrition and science news that comprise my feature, Science Snacks. (Take that Stephen Colbert.

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