Schumer unveils plan to regulate AI ‘revolution’.

Congress is taking action to shape the future of artificial intelligence (AI) development and legislation, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Schumer believes that it is crucial to protect American security and values in a time of significant technological and social changes.

“We are in the midst of a revolution,” Schumer stated during a talk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank on June 21.

This revolution is not about weapons or political power, but about scientific advancements that will transform humanity.

To achieve this, Schumer announced that Congress will be hosting a series of forums with top AI experts to discuss AI, innovation, and regulation. The goal is to ensure American prosperity in the face of world-altering technological advancements.

“The age of AI is here, and it is here to stay,” Schumer emphasized.

He posed the question of what role Congress and the federal government should play in promoting the growth of AI.

Government to Direct AI Development

While the upcoming forums will help shape government regulation, Schumer made it clear that he believes the government should lead the way in AI development.

“If the government doesn’t step in, who will?” Schumer asked.

He emphasized that individuals in the private sector cannot adequately protect the country.

Schumer’s strong stance on government intervention in AI development aligns with ongoing debates in Congress about the nature of AI. Congressional leaders are questioning whether AI will bring about a beneficial revolution like the printing press or a threatening one like the atomic bomb.

Therefore, Congress aims to develop a plan for AI development that encourages competition while deterring its misuse by foreign or domestic actors.

“The dangers of AI could be extreme in the hands of foreign adversaries or domestic rogue groups,” Schumer warned.

He stressed the need for guardrails to prevent these groups from using AI for illicit purposes.

Additionally, Schumer emphasized that AI must be developed in accordance with democratic values to avoid authoritarian powers like communist China dictating its trajectory.

“If we don’t align these algorithms with our values, they could undermine our democratic foundations, especially our electoral processes,” Schumer cautioned.

He expressed concern that the Chinese Communist Party, which disregards democratic norms, could surpass the United States in setting the rules for AI.

Schumer named his proposed plan the “SAFE Framework,” as it aims to prioritize security, accountability, respect for democratic foundations, and explainability in AI development.

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