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Saudis Increase Sentence for US Citizen in ‘Middle Finger’ to Biden

Saudi Arabia has increased the sentence for Saad Almadi (72-year-old American citizen) for anti-government Tweets. It happened 16 years after the Biden administration publicly condemned Saudi Arabia’s imprisonment of Almadi.

“It’s not a slap in the face, it’s a middle finger,” Almadi’s son Ibrahim Telled The New York Post. “When the U.S. asked for an appeal, they said, ‘Here you go, 19 years!'”

The Saudi judicial system on Oct. 3, 2022, Charge Almadi is a dual citizen of Saudi Arabia and the United States. He sent 14 tweets criticizing Saudi government policies. Almadi had made all of the tweets during his stay in the United States, which he did for seven years. Although the White House has repeatedly condemned his imprisonment, they have not done much to help Almadi, according to his son.

After his visit to Saudi Arabia last summer, President Joe Biden received widespread criticism for his poor handling of relations with the Middle Eastern country. He focused on increasing gas prices and ignored the country’s human rights violations. Further criticism was received from the public following his visit to Saudi Arabia last summer. His focus on rising gas prices, and not on human rights abuses, led to a weak handling of relations between the two countries. embarrassment to the Biden administration when the Saudi-led oil supplier OPEC ignored the president’s pleas and cut oil production in October.

Despite Ibrahim Almadi’s appeals, State Department refused to officially identify his father as “wrongfully detained,” The Post reported.

“The only way for my father to get out is through ‘wrongful detention’ … that’s how [WNBA star] Brittney Griner got out … that’s what works with dictators,” Almadi said.

“We can protect our interests in that region and we can protect our senior American citizen taxpayer too,” Almadi claimed that Almadi spoke when Almadi spoke. Post When asked if Biden had a message, he replied: “My father needs to be declared wrongfully detained and released from prison—or otherwise his blood will be on your hands.”

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