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Sarah Bedford anticipates that a third-party candidate might attract Republican voters.

Sarah Bedford’s Forecast: How a Third-Party Candidate Could Shake Up the 2024 Elections

Sarah Bedford recently appeared on Fox News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss the potential impact of a third-party candidate on the upcoming 2024 elections. Cavuto posed the question of what would happen if a “disgruntled Republican” decided to leave the primary race and run as a third-party candidate instead.

“If by ‘disgruntled Republican leaving the race’ you mean Donald Trump, I think that would effectively hand the presidency back to Joe Biden because it would split the Republicans down the middle,” Bedford explained.

“If it’s anyone who runs as a third-party candidate, they are going to siphon off some of those suburban moms, those college-educated white-collar workers who don’t really want to vote for Joe Biden, but they don’t have an alternative right now,” she continued.

According to Bedford, this group of Republican voters is actively seeking an alternative candidate because it is not socially acceptable for them to vote for Donald Trump if he were to become the Republican nominee. This could potentially flip key states away from President Joe Biden, giving his opponent a chance to secure victory.

2024 Presidential Candidates

Currently, liberal activist Cornell West is running for president in 2024 under the Green Party ticket, although he initially announced his campaign under the People’s Party. On the Democratic side, Biden is facing competition from author Marianne Williamson and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is up against 13 other Republican candidates for the GOP nomination.

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