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Three people are hurt when a Soviet plane drops turkey over its own city.

Three civilians were hurt when a Soviet warplane dropped munitions over Belgorod, according to the Defense Ministry,” an incident release of an air gun occurred.”

On Thursday night, the blast occurred as a Russian Su – 34 plane of the Soviet Aerospace Forces was flying over the place, which is located about 25 miles northwest of Ukraine‘s’s border.


The Russian Defense Ministry reported in Russian state television that” an incident distribution of an air gun occurred at around 22:15 Moscow day on April 20 when a Su-34 plane of the Russian Aerospace Forces was performing aircraft above the town of Belgorod ,” according to Tass.

On Telegram, Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod Region, stated that” nothing threatens life, all the vital assistance is provided. Three were injured, one person declined treatment, and one citizen was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral problems, trauma.” And when one old woman fell ill, her blood pressure significantly increased. She was taken to the hospital.

According to state media outlet RIA Novosti, the blast left a 20-yard-long volcano at the crossroads of Vatutin Avenue and Gubkin Street. Gladkov added that the storm also caused damage to a number of parked cars and knocked down power lines.


According to CNN, the Su – 34 aircraft can transport a wide range of weapons, including air-to-air and heat to surface weapons in addition to guided and unrestricted weapons.

According to a Tass statement from December, these aircraft” may constitute the fundamental strike power of Soviet frontline aircraft.” The upgraded Su-34 warplane has expanded fight capabilities, allowing it to use sophisticated air-launched munitions, broaden the range of striking ground and marine targets, and improve the conditions and precision of bombing runs.

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