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GOP candidate downplays Russia’s takeover of Ukraine as not a major foreign policy concern.

Upstart Republican Candidate Downplays Russia’s Takeover of Ukraine

“I do not think that’s a top foreign policy priority for us. I don’t think it is preferable for Russia to be able to invade a sovereign country that’s its neighbor, but I think the job of the U.S. president is to look after American interests.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, a 37-year-old entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate, recently made headlines for his controversial comments on Russia’s takeover of Ukraine. In an appearance on “This Week,” Ramaswamy stated that he did not believe this issue was a top foreign policy priority for his campaign or for America.

While some may find his comments concerning, Ramaswamy believes that the true threat lies with China and its growing relationship with Russia. He suggests ending the Ukraine war on peaceful terms, making concessions to Russia, and pulling Putin out of the treaty with China. This, he believes, would better advance American interests and further deter China from going after Taiwan.

Putting America First

When asked how he would decide what is in the national interest to use the U.S. military, Ramaswamy responded by saying that he would focus on threats to American lives on American soil. He believes that the border crisis and the fentanyl crisis are major American interests, as well as semiconductor security and the relationship with Taiwan.

Despite being dismissed by the host for his low standing in presidential polls, Ramaswamy remains confident in his campaign. As an America first conservative, he believes that to put America first, we need to rediscover what America is. He sees the base across the country as hungry for this message and believes that this is how they will win.

  • Focus on American interests first
  • End the Ukraine war on peaceful terms
  • Make concessions to Russia
  • Pull Putin out of the treaty with China
  • Rediscover what America is

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