Russell Brand strongly denies sexual assault claims in viral video.

Russell Brand Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Accuses Media of Coordinated⁢ Attack

Actor and podcast host Russell Brand ⁣took⁤ to video platform Rumble to vehemently deny allegations of sexual assault made against him by four women. The Sunday Times, in a joint investigation with The Times and Channel⁣ 4 Dispatches, reported the​ allegations, which span from 2006 to 2013, during Brand’s peak fame. One woman claims rape, while another alleges sexual assault ​when she was 16 years old. Brand called the ‍accusations a “coordinated attack”​ and refuted them, stating that his past relationships were always consensual.

Media Outlets Accused of ‌Constructing⁣ False Narratives

Brand criticized The Sunday ​Times‍ and‌ The Times for their handling of the allegations, claiming that they intentionally chose to anonymize the accusers’‌ names, making it difficult for him to directly refute the claims. He ​also accused the media outlets of working together in a coordinated attack against him, with witnesses contradicting ‍their​ narratives. Brand’s legal team argued that this campaign was‍ driven by​ a desire to undermine his status as an alternative media broadcaster competing with mainstream media.

Details of⁤ the Allegations

The report detailed the allegations made ⁢by the women. One woman claimed that Brand raped her in his Los Angeles home, with medical records suggesting she sought treatment at a rape crisis center on the same ⁣day. Another ‍woman, who was ​in a relationship with Brand while still in school, accused him of forcing his penis down her throat. A third⁣ woman​ alleged sexual assault and subsequent threats of legal action if she spoke out. The fourth woman claimed Brand was both physically and ⁣emotionally abusive.

Support from Elon Musk⁤ and Tucker Carlson

Elon Musk, CEO ⁣of X (formerly Twitter), expressed support for Brand, suggesting that mainstream media dislikes competition. Tucker ⁤Carlson also chimed ⁣in, stating that criticizing powerful entities like drug companies ‌and⁤ questioning the war in Ukraine often leads to⁣ similar attacks.

How has Russell‍ Brand’s legal team begun building a defense against the sexual assault allegations

T difficult for him to defend himself and exposing ‍him to potential career-ending damage. He argued that this approach allows false accusations to flourish and goes against⁤ the principles of fairness and due process.

Furthermore, Brand accused the ⁣media outlets ‌of‍ constructing false narratives about him in order to generate sensational headlines and boost their own ratings. He emphasized the need for responsible⁣ journalism, highlighting the detrimental consequences that false accusations can‍ have on an individual’s personal and professional life.

Response to the Allegations

In his video response, ⁣Brand passionately defended himself against the allegations ⁣of sexual assault. He firmly stated that all of his past relationships were consensual and⁤ described the ​accusations as a concerted effort to tarnish his reputation. Brand asserted that he would cooperate fully with​ any legal investigations into‍ the matter and expressed confidence that the truth would ultimately prevail.

The‌ actor and podcast host also acknowledged ‍the importance of addressing the issue of sexual assault and ensuring justice for survivors. However, he stressed the need to⁢ handle such allegations with fairness, transparency, and due process, while avoiding ‍the presumption ⁢of ‍guilt without proper evidence.

Support from Friends and Colleagues

Following Brand’s denial of‍ the ​allegations, several friends and colleagues ‌have voiced their⁢ support for him. Actor and comedian Ricky ⁤Gervais took to social‍ media to ‌express his belief ‌in Brand’s innocence and⁤ condemned the destructive nature⁣ of false ⁢accusations.⁤ Other⁤ celebrities, including fellow podcast host Joe Rogan, echoed similar sentiments, urging caution and impartiality during the investigation.

Building⁤ a Defense

Brand’s legal‌ team has begun building a robust defense against the accusations. They plan to thoroughly investigate the claims made by the four women‍ and collect any evidence that could exonerate Brand. His team is ⁣confident that a careful examination of the facts will prove his innocence and expose the alleged coordinated​ attack.


Russell Brand’s vehement⁤ denial ⁤of the sexual assault allegations made against him marks a​ critical moment in his career. The actor and podcast host has categorically refuted the claims, accusing the media of conducting a coordinated attack ‌against ⁤him. Brand emphasized the importance of fairness, due process, and responsible journalism in addressing such⁤ serious allegations. The support from his friends​ and colleagues,‍ along ⁣with the efforts of ‍his legal defense team, will be crucial in determining ⁤the veracity of the ⁤accusations and ensuring justice for all parties involved.

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