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Roseanne Barr slams Biden for bragging about Trump and pushing his own merchandise.

Roseanne Barr Roasts Biden for Gloating Over Trump, Promoting Alter Ego Merchandise

As former President Donald Trump faced arraignment ⁢Thursday on charges linked ‌to ‌his ⁢challenge of the 2020 election, President Joe Biden released a social media video using​ the⁤ “Dark Brandon” theme to hawk merchandise.

Enter Roseanne Barr, with a question to ask.

“Do you get 10% of ⁤all sales for this⁣ too?”⁤ she posted in her ​reply to Biden’s video of himself drinking a cup of‍ coffee and saying, ​“I⁣ like my coffee dark.”

Barr was referring‍ to⁣ reports ‌that Joe Biden, referred to as the “big guy,”‍ was going to be included for a 10 percent cut of the profits from⁢ a‌ deal ⁢Hunter ‍Biden had in the works with a Chinese energy company.

The Biden tweet drew plenty of other sarcastic ‌replies.

A link⁤ posted⁤ with the ⁣video sends the‍ curious to⁢ a page ‌ where they can buy a mug and donate ⁢to Biden’s re-election campaign.

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The mug shows Biden with⁢ the ​laser eyes that are a hallmark of the “Dark Brandon” meme⁤ Biden supporters ‌have⁣ used ‍on social media to promote the normally frail, often-confused ‍president as some kind of superhero-in-hiding.

“Dark Brandon, dark roast. Tea drinkers welcome. Purchase is a donation to ​Biden Victory Fund. AMERICAN ⁢MADE |‌ UNION PRINTED,” ​the text‌ for the $22 mug stated.

“Dark ‌Brandon” merchandise makes‌ up 54 percent of the⁢ items sold by the Biden ‌campaign, according ⁣to Axios.

The meme is ‍a response to the use of the phrase “Let’s ⁢Go ⁤Brandon” as an anti-Biden rallying cry. That phrase had⁤ its roots in a report claiming that’s what a NASCAR crowd ​was saying when the actual words being chanted ‍were‌ ”f— Joe⁣ Biden.”

DeSantis Finally⁤ Answers the ⁣Question He’s Been Avoiding for Years: Was the 2020 ‌Election Stolen?

Axios noted that Biden ⁤is lagging when it comes ⁤to donations ⁤from small donors, defined as those who give less than ⁢$200.

In the ​past quarter, ‍Biden’s⁤ campaign took in $10.2 million from small donors.

During the same period in 2011, when he was seeking his second term, then-President Barack Obama raked in ⁢$21.2 million haul from small donors.

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