Ron DeSantis disputes Kamala Harris’ slavery ‘hoax’ claim, with Tim Scott supporting it.

Florida Governor‍ Ron DeSantis Slams Kamala ‍Harris’ ⁣”Hoax” About African-American History Curriculum

In ⁢a ​fiery exchange‍ during the second Republican presidential primary debate, Florida Governor Ron​ DeSantis‌ vehemently pushed back against what ​he called a⁤ “hoax” perpetuated by Vice President Kamala Harris. The ⁣smear campaign, which‌ originated in July, falsely claimed that Florida’s ‌middle school students were being‍ taught that enslaved people benefited from⁣ slavery.

Harris seized⁤ on a single sentence ⁤from the curriculum, ⁣which ⁢acknowledged that freed slaves sometimes used skills they ‌acquired during ⁤slavery to ⁢improve⁤ their lives. However, this language is nearly identical to what the College Board includes in its⁢ current curriculum⁣ for AP African American Studies, which is widely‍ taught in schools across ‍the country.

Dr. William Allen, a ‌former chairman of the ⁢U.S. Commission on ‍Civil ‍Rights and member of Florida’s African American History Standards ⁤Workgroup, strongly criticized Harris and others ​spreading⁢ these allegations, calling them⁢ “lies.”

During the debate, Univision’s ⁣Ilia Calderón‍ brought up the ​issue, accusing DeSantis of hurting people with the curriculum. DeSantis immediately dismissed the accusation as a hoax and emphasized that the​ curriculum was written by descendants of slaves who are respected black ‌history‌ scholars.

DeSantis’s response⁢ was⁢ repeatedly interrupted by Senator Tim Scott, who ⁢urged him to remove the controversial sentence ⁤from‌ the curriculum.​ DeSantis, however, argued that the focus should be on improving the education system rather than playing political games.

DeSantis​ proudly‍ highlighted‌ Florida’s achievements in education, including ⁤being ⁣ranked number one in the nation by US News and World Report. He emphasized that⁢ his administration has enacted universal school choice, implemented ‌the Parents’ Bill of⁤ Rights, eliminated ‍critical race theory, and prioritized ​American civics and the Constitution in schools.

Calderón then turned ⁢to Scott for his⁤ opinion on the‌ matter. Scott, without any evidence, claimed that⁢ DeSantis and Harris should have removed the sentence and asserted that America‌ has suffered because of slavery.

Scott has previously praised Harris for ⁣her attacks on DeSantis, but DeSantis firmly rejected the⁢ false narratives perpetuated by the ​Left. He ⁤emphasized the importance ‍of fighting back against lies and speaking the⁤ truth.

Watch ‍the video:

DeSantis remains​ steadfast in ‌defending Florida⁤ against false accusations and lies, asserting that ‌speaking the truth​ is the way‍ to lead.

How does Governor‌ Ron‌ DeSantis propose‌ addressing the concerns raised ‍by critics regarding a controversial sentence in the curriculum and its ⁤potential impact on historical understanding?

Ort for⁤ its K-12 education system. He also pointed ⁢out that the⁤ state’s‌ African ​American History Standards were ‌developed through an ⁤inclusive process that involved⁤ input from educators, historians, and community members.

Furthermore, DeSantis⁣ emphasized the⁣ importance of teaching a comprehensive and accurate history of African⁣ Americans, including the struggles and ⁤accomplishments ⁤of‍ individuals and⁣ communities​ throughout history. He expressed his⁤ belief that students should be able to learn about​ the challenges faced by African Americans while also learning ‍about their resilience, ‌achievements, and contributions⁣ to society.

DeSantis‌’s condemnation of Harris and others ‍spreading⁤ these falsehoods⁢ about the curriculum is⁣ rooted in his ‍commitment to providing quality⁣ education and ​ensuring ⁤that students have access to accurate and balanced information. He made it⁣ clear that he will not tolerate any attempts ⁣to mislead⁢ the public and tarnish the ‍reputation of Florida’s education ​system.

Critics argue that⁣ DeSantis’s response during the debate was dismissive​ and failed to address the concerns raised by Harris and others. They believe that the controversial sentence in the curriculum needs to be addressed and clarified, as it ⁣could be misinterpreted and contribute to a distorted understanding of ‌history.

Despite this criticism, ​DeSantis has reiterated his commitment to improving Florida’s⁣ education system and ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. He has called for ⁤additional⁣ funding​ to support teacher training​ and the ⁢development of robust curriculum materials that accurately⁣ reflect ‍the historical experiences of African Americans and other marginalized communities.

In conclusion, Governor ‌Ron‌ DeSantis’s strong denunciation of Kamala Harris’s “hoax” about Florida’s African American History ​Curriculum demonstrates his dedication to promoting quality education⁢ and resisting efforts to spread misinformation. ‍While⁣ the controversial sentence in the curriculum has⁢ sparked debate, DeSantis⁣ remains‌ committed to enhancing Florida’s education system and providing students with an​ accurate and inclusive understanding of African American history.

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