DeSantis on Trump’s debate refusal: ‘Nomination must be earned.’

Gov. Ron DeSantis: Republican Nomination Must Be Earned

Gov. ‌Ron DeSantis ‌(R-FL) emphasized that the Republican⁣ presidential‍ nomination cannot ⁢be taken for​ granted. In a passionate speech at a ‌campaign rally ‍in Coralville,⁢ Iowa, he stated, “Look, you have to earn this nomination and you have to⁢ show up, you have⁣ to debate, you gotta be willing, you’ve got to be willing ⁣to answer⁢ questions.”

Is Trump Afraid?

DeSantis was asked⁤ if he believes former President Donald Trump is “afraid” ⁢of his arguments,⁤ which may explain why‌ he refuses⁣ to participate in the upcoming primary debate in Milwaukee.

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DeSantis stressed the ‍importance of defending ⁤one’s record ⁤and articulating a vision for the future.⁤ Sitting⁢ alongside ⁤his wife, Casey, he⁤ stated, “You’ve got to ⁢be‍ willing⁣ to defend your record, ⁢and you’ve‌ got to articulate a vision for the future.”

Trump recently announced that he will not sign ⁤the loyalty pledge required by the⁤ Republican National Committee ⁢to participate in the first ⁢GOP presidential debate. This decision has sparked outrage among ⁢other Republican candidates who have committed to ‍signing the pledge.

DeSantis, on the⁤ other hand,⁤ has signed the RNC criteria, ensuring his attendance at ⁢the‍ primary debate ​on August‌ 23.⁣ He has met ‌the polling⁢ and⁤ donor requirements, demonstrating his ⁢dedication to the nomination process.

Proud of Florida’s Achievements

Switching gears, DeSantis proudly highlighted his ‍conservative agenda as governor⁣ of Florida. He stated, “I’m proud​ of what we’ve done in Florida. Now, people ‍just assume​ it’s a ⁢deep red state. That wasn’t the case before​ I was ‍there.”

Trump’s justification‍ for ⁢not participating in the debate is his‍ significant lead in the polls.‌ However, this decision has caused outrage among fellow ⁤Republican candidates who believe in the importance‌ of signing the loyalty pledge.

DeSantis continued by emphasizing the need to ​ask oneself why they are running ⁣for president. He answered, “I am in this race because this country​ is in decline. Simply‌ managing⁢ decline isn’t going to ‌be accepted. We have to reverse the decline.”

He concluded by stating that ⁤his agenda is not about himself,⁣ but about the American people. DeSantis aims ⁣to hold President Biden ‍accountable‍ for his governance and failures while offering a positive way out of ⁤the⁤ current challenges the nation faces.

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