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Ron DeSantis disregards protocol to honor Jimmy Buffett, the ‘Margaritaville’ singer.

In Honor of ⁤Jimmy Buffett, Florida Governor Orders Flags at Half-Staff

In a heartfelt ‌tribute to the late ⁢soft rock legend Jimmy Buffett, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has⁣ made the decision to fly some U.S. and Florida ‌state flags at‍ half-staff.

A memo released by the governor’s office recognizes Buffett as the embodiment of the ⁣”Florida ‍lifestyle,” stating, ‌”Born in Mississippi and raised in Alabama, Buffett moved to Key West in his early‍ years ​to build a ‌legacy. An inductee of the Florida ⁤Artists Hall of Fame,⁢ Buffett‍ captured the Florida lifestyle and entertained generations ‍of Floridians with his relaxed ‘Floridays’ style that⁤ embodied the spirit of the Gulf Coast and Conch Republic.”

The memo goes on to⁤ highlight Buffett’s⁢ global success as an entertainer, with​ his​ song ‍”Margaritaville” becoming ‌a namesake for his various business ventures, including⁢ restaurants, resorts, and ‌a lifestyle brand.

Buffett’s dedication to wildlife conservation is also acknowledged ‍in the memo. As ⁤a co-founder of the Save the Manatee Club, he spearheaded efforts to protect Florida’s State Marine Mammal through the Save ⁤the ‍Manatee License Plate. Additionally, Buffett’s philanthropic efforts and songs showcased ⁢his appreciation for Florida’s landmark Everglades.

The memo concludes by‌ encouraging Floridians to raise ⁤their margarita glasses and enjoy a cheeseburger⁤ in paradise to commemorate Buffett’s legacy.

Governor DeSantis has ordered that ⁤U.S. and‍ Florida state ⁢flags be flown at half-staff at various locations, ⁣including the Monroe County Courthouse, Key ‌West City Hall, and the State Capitol‌ in​ Tallahassee. The order, which went into effect on Thursday at 5:00 ⁤p.m., lasted until 5:00 p.m. Friday, in reference to Buffett’s ⁣song “It’s Five ⁤O’Clock Somewhere.”

While lowering the‍ flag is typically reserved for specific circumstances, such⁢ as the death of a public official or a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty,‌ DeSantis has previously made exceptions to honor public figures. In 2021, he ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in remembrance of conservative radio icon Rush ⁤Limbaugh.

Despite previous objections to DeSantis’ order, Nikki Fried, who now serves as⁣ chair of the Florida Democratic Party, requested that flags be flown at half-staff ‍for ‍Buffett. She thanked DeSantis for his ‌order in a post on X.

Jimmy Buffett passed ​away at‍ the age of 76 after a battle with skin cancer that developed into lymphoma.‍ He died at home surrounded ​by his family, friends, music,⁤ and dogs.

Source: The Western Journal

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