Rogan Slams Democrats For Blaming ‘White Supremacy’ For Winsome Sears Win: ‘Out Of Their F***ing Mind’

Famed podcast host Joe Rogan slammed Democrats during an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” this week when talking about black Republican Winsome Sears’ recent victory in Virginia’s lieutenant governor’s race.

Rogan specifically took issue with how the political left was trying to paint her as a white supremacist and her victory as being the result of white supremacy.

“Anytime a black person says anything that doesn’t go with the Democratic narrative, they say that person’s carrying water for white supremacists,” Rogan said. “They’re out of their f***ing mind. That lady that was the, the new lieutenant governor of Virginia, that is a black woman, who she’s sponsored by the NRA, I mean, I don’t know what all of her accolades are, but incredibly articulate lady, powerful woman, they’re saying that her becoming the lieutenant governor is a victory for white supremacy. She’s a black woman.”

“When Larry Elder was running for governor of California, they said he’s the black face of white supremacy,” he continued. “What? What are you saying? What the f*** are you saying? Like you can disagree with the man’s politics, but that white supremacy is like a stamp they like to put on as many things as they can, like 15% off.”

“She was a Jamaican in the Marines, so she’s an immigrant. Came to this country, she said this country has done so much for me, I was willing, willing to die for this country, she said, a Marine Corps veteran said in her speech,” Rogan continued. “Amazing and a veteran and a Republican and an immigrant, and by the way, very few people are more anti-communist and anti-Marxist than people who have come from communist countries. You want to hear someone who’s a f***in anti-Marxist, anti-communist? Talk to someone who’s been from Russia. Those f***ing people anybody who’s been from the Eastern Europe, they don’t want to hear none of that bulls**t. They f***ing they hate it. When they see these college kids talk about Marxism has never been done correctly, they’re like f*** you, our country lost millions of people because of this s**t.”


.@JoeRogan mutilates Democrats calling black conservatives “white supremacists”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) November 10, 2021


GUEST: Gay ISIS, there has to be a gay ISIS group, right?

JOE ROGAN: There can’t be, you can’t be gay and be in ISIS, you know? That’s like being a black white supremacist but actually that’s possible now, they’re

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